You know your EMOM from your AMRAP, but if you want to really level up your training, it’s all about RFT. Yep, just when you thought you’d got all those fitness industry acronyms down, here comes another one – rounds for time.

A Crossfit staple, RFT workouts involve performing a set of exercises in the quickest time possible, without compromising on form. If you’re thinking that it sounds absolutely brutal, you’d be right, but it’s also a brilliant way to measure your progress because the whole idea is to try to beat your previous time.

If anyone can push you to do that, it’s WH collective trainer Amanda Ngonyama. This high-energy full-body RFT workout features a dynamic warm-up, five-move strength and cardio circuit and ends with a restorative cool-down to bring your heart rate back down.

All you need is a mat and a timer to record how long it takes you to complete the three rounds – it should take around three minutes to complete each round, just under nine minutes in total. Don’t forget to note your time at the end. You can up the ante by adding in some dumbbells or bring the intensity down and make it lower impact to suit your fitness levels. At the risk of sounding like a motivational Instagram quote, the only person you’re in competition with is yourself.

preview for 15 Minute Full Body RFT Workout with Amanda Ngonyama


18 minutes


Mat, towel, water



Jog on the spot
Jumping jacks with punches
Hip rotations
Deep squat with rotation
Lateral lunge
Side-to-side hit the floor


1 minute Skips
15 Squat thrusters
10 Burpees
15 Side hop & punch
10 Superman pulses

Cool Down

Standing arm circles with deep breath
Forward bend with palms to floor
Hip flexor stretch with overhead reach
Standing calf stretch
Deep squat
Childs pose
Downward dog
Roll up

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