If you spend large chunks of your day driving around or sitting at a desk, this one’s for you. Fitness instructor Jayen Wells is here to help you strengthen your upper body and even relieve some of that back pain. Starting at the spine, expect to work through the shoulders, lats, and triceps using Pilates and HIIT techniques. This 15-minute session is short but powerful, designed to improve your mobility and deliver an upperbody burn you’ll feel the next day.

Although the workout builds heat, you’ll start off slow, stretching out the thoracic spine (an overlooked part of the upper body, as Wells points out). “This workout is giving a little bit more mobility, more so than strength or super-high intensity,” he says mid-warmup. “It’s great if you’re just warming up or getting into a heavier workout.” That said, you’ll still get your heart rate up thanks to a series of delt-focused arm circles, lat pulldowns, and rear delt flies. Bodyweight should be more than enough, but if you want an extra challenge, feel free to add weights, or even hold on to a water bottle for added resistance.

After firing up the arms and shoulders, you’ll cool down by wringing out the spine one last time. Incorporate this mobility work into your routine to maximize your strength training and go about your day a little more comfortably. Check out new workouts every week on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel and kick-start your workout routine with POPSUGAR’s new line of affordable fitness equipment available at Walmart. Here’s to working toward a happy, healthy you.

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