Actress Pratigya Suresh, currently featuring in the web series “Oh My Wife“ on Watcho OTT, has been impressive with her performance in the series. She played the role of Sonika which is one of the primary roles of the series along with Lokesh Batta & Sneha Singh.

Earlier she also worked as lead in “My House” & “Madhubala”. The actress is a popular face in brand commercial advertisements. She is also a writer and has got amazing writing skills from her mother (Lt. Rukmesh Suresh) who used to write folk songs. Currently, she is looking forward to enjoying her acting journey and different kinds of performance-based projects in future.

She is a fitness enthusiast and we see Pratigya talk to us at IWMBuzz.com about her fitness secrets.

So read it here to know more about her favourite exercises and workout schedule.

Cheat Food:

Burger and sometimes I prefer Chole Bathure

Favourite Exercise:

I like the workout of the abs.

The purpose of exercise for you is:

To keep myself fit and healthy.

Fruit or juices:

Juice is my favourite, it is natural.

Stairs or lift:

Lift, but if I am alone, I prefer to go by the stairs. I tend to feel uneasy in the lift.

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

Meditation & I always talk to Universe for myself, before I start my work for the day.

Yoga Or Weights:

I prefer Yoga to give peace to my mind & body.

Walking or Jogging:

I prefer Headstand.

Your take on health supplements:

I prefer to take in natural sources.

Best way to burn calories:

I think running is the best way to burn calories.

One tip for everyday fitness:

Avoid junk food and eat a healthy diet.

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