Alessandra Ambrosio started 2024 off by hitting the ground running—or more specifically, hitting the treadmill running. The former Victoria’s Secret model shared a video of herself wearing a gray two-piece workout outfit, going through an entire routine including running, kettlebells, resistance bands, and stair climbing. “Welcome to my @technogym. Perfect way to start the new year!!!” she captioned the Instagram post. Here’s what Ambrosio’s health and wellness routine look like at 42.

Ambrosio’s perfect day is one spent in nature with her family. “I love being woken up by the sound of the ocean, so anywhere near the sea, especially if my kids are around,” she tells Hello!. “We recently went to Fernando de Noronha. It was magical – there are beautiful ocean views all around you. I’d eat a traditional Brazilian breakfast, fruit, avocado, eggs, fresh juices and coffee. I would change into something comfortable, probably Alo Yoga activewear. After yoga I’d jump in the ocean wearing Gal Floripa swimwear followed by a long walk on the beach in my Pangaia sweats.”

Ambrosio’s favorite foods are grilled picanha and sushi, which she enjoys outdoors. “Lately, I have been researching brands like Bottletop that create sustainable products that look amazing,” she tells Hello!. “When I’m not working, I like to let my skin breathe, so I would use Dr Barbara Sturm Sun Drops for SPF protection, and Beautycounter BB Cream after my morning exercise. Instead of heading somewhere else, I would stay in the same place, so I don’t have to travel – and hopefully all of my friends and family will be there so we can play beach volleyball… Staying by the beach in Fernando de Noronha would be a dream afternoon; there is so much nature to explore and it has the most magical sunsets. In Brazil, nature is a huge part of our lives. We are surrounded by the oceans and the Amazon.”


Ambrosio’s wellness routine is focused around gratitude. “It’s not easy, but I have my tricks,” ambrosio-on-the-power-of-women-and-celebrating-her-brazilian-roots-with-nespresso/?sh=3db9fc8749ca”>she tells Forbes. “I like waking up in the morning, doing my coffee, and then I have my diary next to my bed. It’s a 5-minute diary – like a gratitude book. I just write a little bit about what I expect out of my day, what I’m grateful for, so just to start the day in a positive vibe. I have some things that I know how to calm me down, how to center, and how to be present in the moment that I do.”

Ambrosio’s workout includes resistance training and Pilates for a fantastic all-body exercise. She’s also a devotee of the Tracy Anderson method. “I have been working with Tracy [Anderson] for last couple years, and what I love about her classes that it does not feel like exercise,” Ambrosio told Bravo. “It’s almost like taking a fun dance class that targets all of your muscle groups, and you get amazing results…she also has online classes, so when I travel, I am able to work out in my hotel room.”

Ambrosio is proud of her time as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. “Victoria’s Secret was like a family for me and I learned so much with them and it was a brand that I admired,” she tells Forbes. “It was a school for me of modeling because I was working every day. We got to go to so many different places, so it just really made me really comfortable in front of the camera. I don’t know if I would change anything. I guess everything is about learning and when you’re young – I started with Victoria’s Secret when I was 19, so I was still kind of young, even if I thought I knew everything in the world (laughs). I was learning and if I did mistakes, even the mistakes, I think it counts to learn and not to do it again.”

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