If you are missing squats and suitcase carries in your training, you’re leaving muscular and fitness gains on the table. The two exercises are moves all levels can complete to reap muscle building and cardiovascular rewards. Not to mention, when the GOAT Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends a workout, it’s worth adding it to your programme.

‘This workout from Coach Dan John,’ reads Schwarzenegger’s newsletter, ‘is minimal and time-efficient. If you’ve got one kettlebell (or a dumbbell, or a water jug, or a backpack) and some space to walk, you have everything you need for a fantastic training session.’

The workout packs a punch and goes by the name, ‘The Sparhawk’.

‘You’ll be performing goblet squats and suitcase carries,’ explains Schwarzenegger. ‘But here’s the catch: you can’t set the weight down until you’re done. Because you transition straight into the carries after the squats, you keep your body under load the entire time, which works your core and grip. It might not seem like much, but your entire body will feel it by the time you’re done.’

What’s more, you don’t necessarily need expensive kit. ‘Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell that you can lift for at least 12 reps. No weights? No problem. You can also fill up a gallon water jug or even put some books in a backpack. Now it’s time to get to work.’

The Workout

Schwarzenegger recommends you complete the workout as follows:

  • Perform 8 Goblet squats, then walk 60 feet (you can pace around your home if needed) with the weight in your left hand.
  • Perform 7 Goblet squats, then walk another 60 feet, this time with the weight in your right hand.
  • Now do 6 Goblet squats, back to the left hand for 60 feet.
  • 5 Goblet squats, right-hand walk.
  • 4 Goblet squats, left-hand walk
  • 3 Goblet squats, right-hand walk
  • 2 Goblet squats, left-hand walk.
  • 1 Goblet squat, finished.
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Hold the weight close to your chest, sink your hips back and descend into a squat. Your elbows should come in between your knees at the bottom. Drive back up, tensing your glutes at the top. Repeat.

suitcase carry

Suitcase Carry x 60 feet

Stand tall with the weight at your side. Take a deep breath into your core and begin a fast, deliberate march while keeping the shoulders even. To avoid the weight hitting your side, lock the shoulders away from your ears and hold the arm slightly away from the body.

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