As the festive season approaches, the significance of meaningful gifts becomes even more pronounced. Fitness bands have become an increasingly popular choice, serving as both a stylish accessory and a comprehensive health companion. In this article, we present a carefully selected array of fitness bands that cater to various preferences and requirements.

Whether your sibling is a dedicated fitness buff, an occasional gym-goer, or someone taking their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, our list has something for everyone. From advanced features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and GPS functionality to sleek designs that seamlessly blend with any attire, these fitness bands offer a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Discover bands that sync effortlessly with smartphones, providing real-time updates on fitness metrics and ensuring your loved ones stay motivated on their fitness journey. We delve into the unique features of each fitness band, exploring their compatibility with different workout regimens and highlighting their versatility in daily life.

In addition to the product recommendations, we’ve included valuable insights on how to choose the perfect fitness band based on individual preferences, making this article a comprehensive guide for both gift-givers and recipients. Embrace the spirit of Bhai Dooj by not only expressing your love through a thoughtful gift but also contributing to your sibling’s well-being. Join us in exploring the realm of fitness bands and elevate your gifting experience this festive season.

1. MELBON M5 Smart Fitness Band & Activity Tracker

The MELBON M5 Smart Fitness Band is a perfect Bhai Dooj gift for health enthusiasts. Its 0.96-inch HD screen and lightweight design offer comfort and durability. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, it boasts Bluetooth version 4.0 connectivity. The band features magnetic charging for hassle-free power-ups and supports PAI for comprehensive fitness tracking. With an impressive standby time of 15 days and above, it ensures uninterrupted usage. The touch screen interface adds to its user-friendly design.

Specifications of MELBON M5 Smart Fitness Band:

Display: 0.96-inch HD Screen

Compatibility: Android and iOS, Bluetooth 4.0

Charging: Magnetic charging, Standby time: 15 days & above

Special Features: PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), Waterproof (not for swimming or diving)

Pros Cons
0.96-inch HD screen for clear visibility Not suitable for swimming or diving
Lightweight and durable design Limited compatibility with Bluetooth devices
PAI for comprehensive fitness tracking  

2. Waylon Smart Band M4 – Fitness Band

The Waylon Smart Band M4 is an excellent Bhai Dooj gift for those seeking a feature-packed fitness tracker. With a 1.1-inch colour display, USB charging, and comprehensive activity tracking, it stands out. The OLED display provides real-time updates on steps, calories, and active minutes. It seamlessly connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, enabling call and message notifications on your wrist. The sleek design, coupled with flexible silicon straps, ensures comfort during extended wear.

Specifications of Waylon Smart Band M4:

Display: 1.1-inch Colour Display

Connectivity: Bluetooth for call and message notifications

Charging: USB charging

Special Features: All-day activity tracking

Pros Cons
1.1-inch color display for clarity Requires app download for full functionality
USB charging for convenience Limited to basic call and message notifications
Sleek design with flexible straps  

3. Smart Fitness Watch For Xiaomi Mi 8

The Smart Fitness Watch for Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is a thoughtful Bhai Dooj gift for health-conscious individuals. Boasting a 1.3-inch touchscreen, it combines style with functionality. This smartwatch tracks daily activities, including heart rate and sleep patterns. With Bluetooth connectivity, it seamlessly syncs data with the Fitpro app. The USB port allows hassle-free charging with a standard mobile charger or laptop. Designed for all-day wear, it provides notifications for calls and messages on your wrist, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly.

Specifications of Smart Fitness Watch For Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro:

Display: 1.3-inch Touchscreen

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Charging: USB port

Health Monitoring: Heart rate and sleep tracking

Pros Cons
Stylish design with a 1.3-inch touchscreen Limited app compatibility
USB port for convenient charging Basic notification features
Comprehensive health monitoring features  

4. Redmi Smart Band Pro SportsWatch

The Redmi Smart Band Pro SportsWatch is a feature-packed fitness tracker, making it an ideal Bhai Dooj gift for fitness enthusiasts. The 3.73 cm Always-On AMOLED Display ensures clear visibility, and continuous monitoring of sleep, heart rate, stress, and SpO2 adds to its versatility. With a whopping 110+ sports modes, it caters to various workout preferences. The magnetic charging and 14-day battery life enhance user convenience, ensuring uninterrupted usage. Whether you’re into intense workouts or daily activity tracking, this sports watch provides a comprehensive solution.

Specifications of Redmi Smart Band Pro:

Display: 3.73 cm Always-On AMOLED

Monitoring: Sleep, Heart rate, Stress, SpO2

Battery Life: 14 days

Sports Modes: 110+

Pros Cons
Large Always-On AMOLED display Limited third-party app support
Comprehensive health monitoring features Limited smartwatch functionalities
Long-lasting battery life with magnetic charging  

5. realme Band 2

The realme Band 2 stands out as a versatile fitness tracker and a thoughtful Bhai Dooj gift idea. Its 1.1-inch Colour Display provides vibrant visuals for tracking steps, calories, and active minutes. The fitness band offers notifications for calls, messages, and social media, ensuring you stay connected. With a sleek design and flexible silicone straps, it’s comfortable for long-term wear. The realme Band 2 is a reliable companion for daily activity tracking and health monitoring, making it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Specifications of realme Band 2:

Display: 1.1-inch Colour Display

Notifications: Calls, Messages, SNS

Design: Sleek and durable

Pros Cons
Vibrant 1.1-inch Color Display Limited smartwatch features
All-day activity tracking with notifications App support may vary
Comfortable design with flexible straps Limited customization options

6. Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Watch (Black/Graphite Aluminium) with 6-Month Premium Membership

The Fitbit Versa 4 is more than just a fitness watch; it’s a comprehensive health companion, making it an ideal Bhai Dooj gift. With a Daily Readiness Score, it guides your workout intensity and offers real-time tracking with Active Zone Minutes. Boasting 40+ exercise modes, built-in GPS, and notifications for calls and texts, it ensures a connected and informed experience. The 6+ day battery life adds convenience, and the inclusion of a 6-month Premium membership enhances the overall value. For those seeking a blend of style and functionality, the Fitbit Versa 4 is a top pick.

Specifications of Fitbit Versa 4:

Display: Not specified

Exercise Modes: 40+

Battery Life: 6+ days

Pros Cons
Daily Readiness Score for workout guidance Display specifications not detailed
40+ exercise modes with real-time tracking Premium membership requires activation
Built-in GPS for pace and distance Limited customization in notifications

7.Amazfit Band 7 Activity Fitness Tracker

The Amazfit Band 7 stands out as a versatile fitness tracker, making it a thoughtful Bhai Dooj gift for health-conscious individuals. Its large 1.47-inch Always-ON AMOLED display ensures clarity, and with an 18-day battery life, it minimizes the need for frequent recharging. Boasting 120 built-in sports modes, including automatic recognition for some, it offers a comprehensive fitness tracking experience. The added feature of 24H Blood-oxygen Monitoring enhances its health monitoring capabilities. With Alexa built-in, it also serves as a smart AI assistant, making it a well-rounded choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Specifications of Amazfit Band 7:

Display: 1.47-inch Always-ON AMOLED

Battery Life: Up to 18 days

Pros Cons
Large HD AMOLED display for clear visuals No information on water resistance
18-day battery life for extended use Limited details on Alexa integration
120 built-in sports modes for diverse workouts No information on display protection

8. SONATA GOLD Smart Band Wireless Sweatproof Fitness Band SG 5

The SONATA GOLD Smart Band SG 5 is a reliable fitness companion, making it an excellent Bhai Dooj gift for those keen on health tracking. It features a step counter, multi-sport mode, and connectivity via a dedicated app for a tailored fitness experience. The device provides notifications for calls, messages, and social media, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly. With a waterproof design (not for swimming or diving) and a standby time of over 3 days, it’s suitable for daily wear. The absence of calling features is compensated by its efficient notification system, making it an ideal blend of fitness and connectivity.

Specifications of SONATA GOLD Smart Band SG 5:

Step Counter

Multi-sport Mode

Waterproof (Not for swimming or diving)

Standby Time: 3 days & above

Pros Cons
Multi-sport mode for varied workouts No calling feature (notifications only)
Waterproof design for daily wear  
Efficient step counter for activity tracking  

Best 3 features for you


Product Name Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
MELBON M5 Smart Fitness Band & Activity Tracker 0.96-inch HD Screen Magnetic charging, PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) Activity Tracker Mode, Compatibility with Android and iOS devices
Waylon Smart Band M4 – Fitness Band 1.1-inch Colour Display All-day activity tracking, Notification alerts USB Charging, Sleek and lightweight design
Smart Fitness Watch For Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Touchscreen, 1.3″ Smartwatch All-day activity tracking, Notification alerts USB Port for charging, Compatibility with Android and iOS devices
Redmi Smart Band Pro SportsWatch 3.73 cm Always-ON AMOLED Display Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring, 110+ Workout Modes 14 Days Battery Life, 5ATM Water Resistance
realme Band 2 Not specified Daily Activity Tracker, 60hrs Playback Time Superior Sound Quality, Multi Connectivity Options
Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Watch 40+ Exercise Modes Built-in GPS, Notifications for call, text, and apps 6+ day battery life, 6-Month Premium Membership included
Amazfit Band 7 Activity Fitness Tracker 1.47-inch AMOLED Display, Alexa Built-in 18-day Battery Life, 120 Built-in Sports Modes 24H Blood-oxygen Monitoring, Smart AI Assistant
SONATA GOLD Smart Band Wireless Sweatproof Band Step Counter, Multi-sport mode Connect via App, Notification alerts Waterproof, No calling feature, 3 days & above Standby time

Best value for money

Among the options, the Waylon Smart Band M4 offers excellent features at an affordable price, including a vibrant colour display, all-day activity tracking, and notification alerts. It strikes a balance between functionality and cost, making it a great value-for-money choice.

Best overall product

The Amazfit Band 7 stands out as the best overall product with its large AMOLED display, long battery life, extensive sports modes, and advanced health monitoring features like blood-oxygen monitoring. The integration of Alexa as a smart AI assistant adds to its versatility, making it a comprehensive fitness tracker for various users.

How to find the right fitness band?

To find the right fitness band, consider your specific needs and preferences. Start by identifying the features that matter most to you, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, or sports modes. Check for compatibility with your smartphone and the availability of a dedicated app for easy data analysis. Look for a comfortable and durable design, considering factors like water resistance if you plan to use it during water activities. Read user reviews to gauge real-world performance and battery life. Additionally, consider brands with a reputation for accuracy and reliability in health tracking. Lastly, compare prices to ensure you get the best value for the features you prioritize.


Question : Can I wear my fitness band while swimming?

Ans : It depends on the specific model. Check the product details for water resistance ratings. Some bands are suitable for swimming, while others may only be splash-resistant.

Question : How do I charge my fitness band?

Ans : Most fitness bands come with USB charging ports. Some use magnetic charging, while others have built-in USB plugs. Refer to the user manual for charging instructions.

Question : Are fitness bands compatible with all smartphones?

Ans : Compatibility varies. Ensure the fitness band is compatible with your device’s operating system (Android/iOS) and has a dedicated app available for your smartphone.

Question : Can I customize the display of my fitness band?

Ans : Many fitness bands allow customization of watch faces and display settings through their companion apps.

Question : How long does the battery last on average?

Ans : Battery life varies between models. Check the product specifications for information on standby time and usage duration on a single charge.

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