BTS’ RM posted a small glimpse of his workout routine exclusively for the fans and even interacted with them for a while on Weverse. As soon as he posted the video, fans went into a frenzy seeing a shirtless Kim Namjoon working out in the gym. The internet was flooded with hilariously funny reactions from fans all around the world.

RM shares a shirtless video while working out his back muscles

A while ago BTS leader RM shared a shirtless black and white video around 05:21 KST on Weverse for the fans. In the video, he was seen working out in the gym. He was seen doing pull-ups to work out his back muscles. He was heard being encouraged by the one recording this view to finish one more rep of the said exercise. He also indulged in a little chit-chat session with ARMYs over Weverse where he answered some questions asked by the fans. RM also posted a photo wearing a white t-shirt captioned, “taking over the baton from taehyungie”.

Fans went crazy over the internet and gave hilariously funny reactions

After RM dropped the bomb, fans rushed to X (formerly Twitter) to share their reactions which were hilariously funny. Fans created memes and funny edits. They even made the Weverse and Kim Namjoon trend on X (formerly Twitter). Soon after Taehyung from BTS also came live on Weverse, he was seen flexing his biceps and also interacted with fans for a while. Fans missed BTS and some even recalled this chapter 2 is breathtaking. Meanwhile, RM is expected to release new music around the end of the year. When asked by a fan on weverse what type of dance he liked, he replied he is trying all kinds of dance, leaving fans guessing if it had anything to do with new releases. Meanwhile do not forget to check out V’s solo album debut Layover releasing on September 8.

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