There are a lot of different workout shoes on the market and with so many options, it may be hard to know if you’re buying the right one for your workout.

When picking shoes for your workout, there’s more to consider than just what they look like.

“The shoe needs to be comfortable, and it needs to fit well. So often patients will say, ‘Well, I bought this shoe because I love the color, or it’s the latest one on the market,’ or it’s this or it’s that. But if it doesn’t fit well, then it’s not the right shoe for you,” Dr. Joy Rowland, a Podiatrist with Cleveland Clinic, said.

She said to consider what you’re using the shoes for; different shoes are built for different activities. Running shoes should have good shock absorption in the heel. Walking shoes should feel cushioned and stable on your feet. Shoes for weightlifting have a harder sole and are more sturdy.

To find the right fit, Dr. Rowland says to wear the sock you typically use while working out and try on the shoe later in the day. That’s because your feet swell as the day goes on — especially after exercising — so you want to make sure the shoe still feels comfortable when your feet are more swollen.

Dr. Rowland also recommends going to a shoe store to get fitted, if possible.

“They will fit you according to the exercise that you’re going to be doing and make sure that the width of the shoe is appropriate for your foot type, that the arch height is appropriate for your foot type, but also the exercise activity. Also that the toe box and the shape of the toe area is appropriate for your foot type,” she said.

If your feet tend to hurt while working out, Dr. Rowland says to see a podiatrist.

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