• Denise Austin looks so strong in a throwback workout video she recently shared to Instagram.

  • In the beach workout video, Austin shares six moves for toning the upper body.

  • The moves target the arms, back, and shoulders.

If you’re looking for an easy, effective upper body workout, you’re in luck. Fitness icon Denise Austin recently shared an iconic throwback workout video demonstrating six moves that are sure to “target [and] tone the upper body.” Whether you’re looking to achieve hot arms, a toned back, or strong shoulders, Austin’s resistance band exercises have you covered.

The 66-year-old recently posted the “#Throwback” video to Instagram, and it’s full of easy moves powered by resistance bands to help build stronger muscles. In the video, Austin shows off her strength on a sandy beach in the Virgin Islands while wearing a black and white swimsuit.

“I have some oldie but goodie moves for you today!! Let’s do some strength moves from my TV show from beautiful Virgin Gorda!!” Austin captioned the video. “I have always believed in strength training for strong, lean, and toned muscles. Use your resistance bands or some dumbbells for all of these moves, and for each exercise do 10-12 reps three times. YOU got this!! 💪🏻”

“Are you ready to target [and] tone the upper body?” Austin asks in the video. “Well firm it up! All these exercises will target the upper body. Strength train—it really works!”

Below, we’re breaking down exactly how to perform all of the moves from the video:

Bicep curl

“Begin with the bicep curl, ready? And curl up and down,” Austin says in the video. The fitness star explains that bicep curls help to “firm those arms.” To perform the move, Austin stands on a platform with resistance bands attached, feet together. She holds the handles on the bands with her elbows close to her body while pulling both fists toward her shoulders in a controlled motion before bringing them back down and repeating.

Tricep kickback

Next, Austin works the back of the arms. To perform the tricep kickback, Austin stands in a lunge position with a slight forward lean, holding the resistance band in both hands. On her non-working side, Austin holds the band at her hip. On the working side, Austin lifts her hand to her ribcage with her elbow pointing straight back before doing a “press and release” motion, reaching her hand back and straightening her arm behind her. “Now if you have weights, you can do the same exercise,” Austin explains.

Front raise

To target the “deltoids,” or the shoulders, Austin demonstrates the front raise. “This is working the front of your arms,” Austin explains, while gesturing towards the front of the shoulder and upper arm area. To perform the front raise, Austin stands on the platform with feet together while holding the bands at the front of her thighs. “Lift ’em up, and down,” Austin says while raising her straight arms up to shoulder height before bringing them back down to complete one repetition.

Single arm row

In the video, Austin calls these “pulls,” while demonstrating a rowing-like movement that targets the upper back and shoulder muscles. Austin begins by standing in a lunge position with her non-working arm resting on her thigh and her working arm extended straight toward the floor. She then pulls her working arm up toward the sky while keeping her a bend in the elbow and the top of her arm parallel to the ground.

Upright row

“Lets work the upper back again in a different way,” Austin says, while standing with her feet together, holding the bands at the front of her thighs. Then she does a “lift and lower” motion, bringing her arms up by lifting her fists to her shoulders, with her elbows facing out and her upper arms parallel to the ground.

Back fly

The last move Austin demonstrates is another back and shoulder exercise called the back fly. To perform the back fly, Austin begins with her feet together, knees bent, and a slight lean forward before doing an “out and in” motion with her bands. Beginning with her hands at the center of her body, she then brings them out to look like she’s holding “a big beach ball” before bringing them in again to the starting position to complete one repetition.

Looking for even more of Austin’s favorite workout moves? Check out some of our favorites below:

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