Canadian bodybuilder and 5-time classic physique champion Chris Bumstead (CBum) is someone who trains with a lot of intensity daily. Furthermore, Bumstead is always seen hitting the gym, training rigorously, and focusing on his fitness.

Bumstead, known for his workouts and training, once shared his arm workout routine on his YouTube channel, which has been doing the rounds on the internet recently. In the video, CBum shares what his arm workouts look like.

In the video, the bodybuilding champion is seen beginning his bumstead-fst-7-arm-workout/”>arm workout. He starts his workout with heavy straight bicep curls. Bumstead then does a few heavy sets and mentions that there is a good muscle connection with the biceps. He does heavier sets slowly, which controls the reps for his biceps and later fires them up.

“I’m trying to keep it super locked in. It feels really good. Good old classic barbell curls that everyone on the internet will roast you, say you shouldn’t f****ng use a barbell because it’s not optimal, but it feels good.”

Bumstead then moves on to the next arm workout. It is the heavy dip or heavy close grip bench presses. He mentions in the video that these workout routines will help him build more mass in his triceps and push himself harder.

“If I have thicker triceps, I suppose there’s a lot of cable movements and isolation movement. A little bit more like I’m getting a little peck in here. It allows me to move more weight.”

Therefore, hoping for the best, he believes he can build emphatic muscle mass in his triceps. Further in the video, Chris Bumstead is seen performing some cable tricep pushouts as well.

Chris Bumstead expands on his arm workout during the off-season

The video showed the champion training everything from the biceps to the triceps for stronger arms. Bumstead believes this will help his muscles get stronger as well.

He shared his concern about having naturally short biceps and hence uses hammer curls across body cable tricep extensions to facilitate working out all sides of the biceps and triceps.

“I naturally have very short biceps. I fish belts my whole life, so I’m trying to do a lot of hammer curls.”

The star, furthermore, shared his dream to look like Phil Health, which was his dream for five years. It looks like a perfect and complete workout to get those chiseled arms for a competition.

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