Have you ever noticed how quickly fitness trends can change? Just when you think you’ve caught up, something new makes waves.

By Jon Stojan

Published: Mon 25 Dec 2023, 12:27 PM

That is where DubaiPT steps in, making sense of these shifts for you. Their latest Fitness Trends Report unveils what’s hot and what’s not in the world of personal training. From traditional methods to innovative approaches, they help fitness enthusiasts and trainers embrace fitness in its ever-evolving forms. Get ready to explore a world where fitness is not just a routine but an adventure.

The latest buzz in the world of personal training

DubaiPT has identified these hot trends in personal training:

High-intensity interval training (HIIT): Short, intense bursts of exercise followed by a brief rest period. It is demanding but saves time, and it is always best to do it with an experienced trainer to avoid injury. Laury Verhellen, a busy professional, shared: “I am very busy at work, so I need someone to help me work out. My friend from work told me about DubaiPT. They are very professional. I never worked out with a personal trainer, but now I like it a lot.”

Group training sessions: Did you know that working out with others adds motivation and a sense of community?

Virtual training: Work with a personal trainer from the comfort of your home.

Mindful workouts: Fitness isn’t just about physical strength but mental well-being, too.

Nutrition coaching: Whether you’re looking to shed extra pounds with weight loss meal plans or maintain a well-rounded diet, DubaiPT’s nutrition coaching caters to your needs.

A bowl of healthy and nutritious food

Healthy nutrition is becoming increasingly important in the world of personal training

Trends that are fading out in personal training

Let’s see what trends are losing their appeal and why DubaiPT thinks they’re no longer hot:

  • Did you think you could get a flat belly by doing endless crunches? Studies have shown that spot reduction is less effective than full-body workouts.
  • As DubaiPT is happy to report, people are finally realizing that crash diets lead to short-term results and are unsustainable. A study by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases found that extreme diets can harm health.
  • Generic workout plans are no longer in vogue. And they never should have been.
  • Gone are the days when gym-goers spent hours on isolation machines to sculpt particular muscles. The focus has shifted towards functional training and compound exercises mimicking real-life movements.
  • Recent studies have indicated that excessive cardio may lead to muscle loss and decreased metabolic rate. Interval training is a more efficient alternative.
  • People prefer straightforward, time-efficient workouts that fit into their busy schedules.
Woman lifting weights under the supervision of her trainer.

The newest fitness trends are replacing outdated practices

How DubaiPT leads in personal training

In the world of personal training, staying ahead of the curve is a must, and DubaiPT knows exactly how to do it by offering:

Tailored personalised programmes: Atila, one of DubaiPT’s trainers, emphasizes this personalised approach, as Waseem A. Khan attests, “Atila’s amazing experience and positive attitude are my favourite things in my DubaiPT path. He makes me a personalised workout programme and helps me become the best version of myself.”

Latest trends: DubaiPT doesn’t just follow the latest fitness trends and techniques. They lead them.

Qualified and motivated trainers: The trainers at DubaiPT are passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness goals.

Holistic approach: Fitness is not just about looks; it’s about overall well-being.

Cutting-edge technology: In a world where even your refrigerator is smart enough to remind you to buy milk, DubaiPT ensures you’re not the only one without a tech upgrade, offering virtual training sessions and tracking tools.

Group of women doing fitness exercises.

DubaiPT stays up-to-date with fitness trends, offering the best solutions for your needs

Peering into the future: Next big things in personal training

DubaiPT anticipates some exciting new trends in the world of personal training:

Artificial intelligence (AI), providing personalised workout plans, tracking progress, and adjusting routines.

Virtual reality (VR), offering more immersive and exciting workouts.

Nutrigenomics, creating nutrition plans based on genetic makeup.

Remote coaching, offering accessibility to expert trainers regardless of location.

Mind-body integration, incorporating mindfulness practices and stress management.

Sustainable fitness, focusing on equipment and workouts that minimize environmental impact.

Community and social fitness, ensuring accountability and better motivation.

Discover your path to a healthier you with DubaiPT

If you’re looking for a gym or you want to get fit in a fun, modern way, give DubaiPT a try. They’re ready to help you on your journey to being healthier and happier. Why not get in touch with them today and see what they can do for you?

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