Exercises that you can do with a Bosu ball


August 16, 2023 | 08:14 pm
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Include these Bosu ball exercises to your fitness routine

A Bosu ball looks like a gym ball cut in half and is used for a host of engaging exercises.

Its main purpose is to offer balance and stability to perform various activities that help one train their muscle groups.

They are versatile and there’s no one single way of using them.

Here are five distinct exercises you can do with a Bosu ball.


Hold the Bosu ball flat side up and then get into a high plank position.

Once done, jump your feet up toward the ball and then quickly hold it over your head using your arms.

Now that the arms holding the ball are fully extended, lower it on the ground and jump back into a plank position.

Triceps dip

Place the Bosu ball on the floor with its flat side down.

Now sit in front of the ball, place your hands on it, and ensure that your fingertips face the bottom.

Tuck your elbows and bend your arms as you lower your body.

As soon as your bottom touches the floor, pull your body up. Repeat as desired.

Oblique crunches

You can do this exercise if you want to get rid of those bulging obliques or love handles.

Get into a side forearm plank position and then place your left leg over the right one.

Position the right hip on the Bosu ball, squeeze your left obliques, and raise your knees to complete a crunch.

Hold this position for a few seconds and return.

Leg lift

Begin by placing the ball in front of you and lying on it with your elbows bent.

Keeping your legs and back straight, lift one leg vertically and keep the other leg extended. As you do that, tighten your core.

Now lower the leg and lift the other one.

Repeat this sequence for as many repetitions as desired. It is a great core workout.

V squats

For this exercise, place the Bosu ball on the floor with its flat side on the ground.

Stand on the ball with your heels in the middle and your toes pointing outward.

Now do a squat and extend your arm frontward as you do that.

Stand and then repeat the squat. Do as many repetitions as comfortable.

This helps you effectively train your quads.

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