The 19-year-old prodigy, who currently leads the Moto2 standings, is set for the premier class next season in the Tech3 GASGAS team.

He knows that increasing his physical muscle is a necessity, and began a major training programme this summer.

“I think I made a lot of effort in the gym,” Acosta told DAZN.

“It was not something that I ever liked. In Moto3 I went to the gym, in Moto2 I made the step because I was injured and I forced myself to go because there was no other way to do things.

“Last year I was very thin. I watched the videos of the races and I say how small I look on the bike. 

“I have gained seven kilos, I am three over the goal. 

“I think it is always better to be a little overweight than [not enough].

“I’m three kilos above the Moto2 weight by my choice more than anything else. 

“Because in the end the overseas [races] come and, in the end, you don’t eat the same, you don’t train the same. 

“I know that I’m going to lose weight. I prefer to have more leftovers for the end of the overseas to go well.

“I’m not a person who eats a lot. Last year, many mechanics had to almost force me to eat because I ate very little. 

“I couldn’t get myself to eat, so the only way, with training and such, was to eat.

“It was eating every meal, not to the point of vomiting but very close, being very full.

“Everything was a bit difficult for me. Five meals a day, pushing yourself to the limit of eating, until you can’t take it anymore. 

“Now how is it going for me? It has become more normal, I have gained weight, I can dedicate myself to eating what I want.

“Gaining weight has helped me not have to get overwhelmed and to be calmer on the bike. 

“My training was basically based on riding the bike every day.”

Acosta also offered an insight into his mind-set.

“I’m like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I’m very hippie,” he said. 

“I really like to get away from things. I don’t think you have to take things too seriously, that’s why you see me laughing a lot, making jokes.

“Life has to be taken like this. Who tells you that tomorrow the world does not explode and everything ends? I’ve been enjoying everything I’ve given for 19 years and I’ll stick with that.

“I told my physio, look my goal for the summer is to turn my mind into a monk’s and my body into a temple.”

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