Samsung is mulling when to release its new Galaxy Ring health and fitness tracker, and may have decided to launch it together with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, just as it delivers its other wearables like the Galaxy Watch.

The smart ring is envisioned in four sizes to fit different finger types, reports The Elec, and Samsung is now in the advanced development stage where it decides what health and fitness tracking functions will go into it. 
The device is still a bit large at the moment, tip insiders, but once its features and functions are decided, it will be scaled down to fit one of four different finger sizes in the commercialization stage.

Samsung Galaxy Ring features and release date

For now, mum’s the word whether the new Galaxy Ring wearable will sport health tracking features that will require medical device approval similar to the Galaxy Watch 6. Given that the regulatory certifications for health functions are doles out in the fourth quarter, it’s not likely that Samsung will manage to obtain one in time for the release.

Samsung has reportedly tasked its Galaxy Ring team to announce it together with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 in the third quarter of next year. Now, whether this will mean that the smart ring will be outed in sync with Samsung’s other wearable that is likely to get launched then – the Galaxy Watch 7 – remains to be heard.

Samsung could decide to release the ring accessory without the health or medical functions, and gun for approval later, like it did with earlier members of the Galaxy Watch line. Otherwise, the Galaxy Ring may appear on the market only after the next round of regulatory approvals, or some time in 2025.
According to the insiders, Samsung’s Galaxy Ring may be more accurate in vitals’ measurement than the Galaxy Watch as it simply has a tighter fit around the user’s finger. Samsung is also reportedly mulling how to pair it as an accessory of extended reality devices as next year we’d witness the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset that could spearhead the AR/VR consumer device industry like no other.

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