Model Lindsey Gordon is serving up more than looks for her 289,000 Instagram followers!

The popular fitness trainer literally caused her followers’ jaws to fall on the floor as she showed off her impressive flexibility with a split, performed at the beach in a thong bikini!

Lindsey Gordon Does A SPLIT At The Beach In A Thong Bikini

Lindsey is never shy about sharing her fit physique with her fans, but this might be the first time she has demonstrated her incredible flexibility with a shot of her doing a split at the beach, giving fans a rear view of her toned cheeks wrapped up in a black thong bikini. The thin black strings of her bikini top wrap around her neck and chest as she turns to look at the camera over one shoulder.

“Don’t forget to stretch,” she wrote in the caption, tagging Malibu, California, as the location of this fun photo. Fitness trainer Claire Stone exclaimed, “SLAYYYYY” and “YOOOOO OMG” in two separate comments. “SLAY QUEEN OMG,” another follower echoed. “GREAT stretch,” a third fan agreed. “Sandy buns,” another follower teased. “This belongs on the cover of a magazine,” another fan gushed. “You’re about to get a million more followers,” another follower teased.

Lindsey Is A ‘Bubblegum Princess’ In Her Pink Bodysuit

Although she is known for her long captions, Lindsey simply wrote “bubblegum princess” in the caption of an Instagram carousel that opened with a rear view of her fit figure. She is standing with her hands on either side of her head, showing off her muscular back muscles and strong shoulders. She tied her long blonde hair back into a single braid and finished off her outfit with white crew socks and sneakers.

“Pretty princess,” one fan commented. “You look so amazing,” another follower agreed. “That body is giving,” a third fan gushed. “You’re so perfect,” another follower wrote. “I love strawberry bubblegum,” another fan shared. “That’s the hottest ballerina I’ve ever seen,” another follower teased while another fan praised “Gym Barbie.”

Lindsey Gordon Doesn’t Play Around When She Hits The Gym!

Fans often shower Lindsey’s Instagram posts with peach emojis and it’s easy to see why! In another Instagram post, the social media sensation took her followers with her on a trip to the gym in Venice Beach, California. “Follow along with me for a nice juicy booty workout,” she wrote in the caption, dropping her workout in the description.

In addition to doing slow and controlled kettlebell Romanian deadlifts, she also performed four sets of fifteen hip thrusts. She added ten pulses at the end of each fifteen reps for “an extra spicy burn.” She gave some tips on how to perform deficit reverse lunges, instructing her followers to “get your knee as close to the ground as possible & keep your torso tilted just a little to hit your glutes more.”

She also explained the proper technique to do step downs, writing, “Drive yourself up by holding onto something & come down SLOWLY with a 3-second count.” At the end of her post, she added, “If you give this a try let me know! I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. Also, I do have a booty program for sale in my bio! get that pump.” One fan commented “This is what hard work looks like” while another follower gushed, “I could watch you work out for hours.”

Fans Love Seeing The Results Of Lindsey’s Hard Work!

Fans just love to see the results of Lindsey’s hard work! In another Instagram post, she gave fans another rear view of her “peaches” in a brown thong bikini as she climbed into a pool. Even though it’s now November, Lindsey captioned the pool snap, “Summer isn’t over until I say so.” Plenty of fans could agree with that!

Interested in more Lindsey Gordon content? The social media sensation recently hit up Venice Beach in a blue bikini and she wasn’t alone! The popular model smooched a puppy in her sizzling snaps, leaving her followers unable to decide who was cuter! Fans can take a look and decide for themselves by clicking here!

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