Health and fitness goals are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions for those who participate.

From burning fat to losing weight to going for muscle gains, a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine found body weight training, strength training, and functional fitness were some of the top worldwide fitness trends of 2023. 

Also popular were wearable technology, outdoor activities, and high-intensity interval training (HITT). The study also found more people hired personal trainers, while there was also an increase in home gyms, for those lucky enough to have one. 

The year also saw a drastic drop in online personal training, live and on-demand exercise classes, boot camp-style programs and virtual reality training compared to 2022.

The industry also continues to make progress when it comes to offering programs that cater to older adults.

With 2023 coming to a close, those looking to get or stay in shape will likely seek new ways to do so. Overall, the trend in 2024 appears to center around escaping the grind of everyday life and finding new ways to decompress the mind, body and soul. 

Muscle and Health spoke to experts and, based on its research, here are the evolving fitness trends expected to dominate 2024. 

Digital Detoxing

One online study found 66% of Americans admitted to being addicted to technology. Not only that, but 53% of those surveyed said they would need to be paid between $3,000 and $5,000 to give up their smart devices for a week.  

While some find fitness inspiration on social media (#bodygoals, anyone?), more people are expected to take a break and temporarily ditch their phones in 2024.

Some benefits of a digital detox include improved mental health, as well as reduced stress. 

Sound Baths

For those seeking new ways to decompress, sound baths are another way to go.

A sound bath is an experience that utilizes deep sound vibrations to help balance chakras and restore energy, a study by the Cleveland Clinic said. Some instruments used for sound baths include a gong, chimes, and metal bowls.

Karen Bond, PA-C, said those who particulate may experience feeling calmer, loosened muscles, improved mood and overall pain relief. 

However, there are some side effects, especially for those with mental illnesses. Those interested in partaking in sound baths are encouraged to first check with their primary care doctor. 

“If you have a serious psychiatric disorder like schizophrenia and want to start a meditation practice, talk to your doctor first. In some people, meditation can cause or heighten some symptoms of those disorders,” Bond added.

Artificial Intelligence

For those more analytical about their workouts and who like to see the numbers, experts believe more gym-goers will utilize AI assistance to track their progress. 

Some examples of using AI in the world of fitness include body analysis machines, measuring stress and hydration levels as well as finding personalized workouts. 

Prioritizing Hydration

For those who crave something tastier than plain water, experts believe more companies will roll out new beverages and supplements to help those seeking ways to stay hydrated.

Fitness and Wellness Retreats

A change of scenery is good for the soul and experts believe more people will explore fitness and wellness retreats across the globe.

“People increasingly merge travel with health goals, seeking destinations offering wellness retreats or renowned hiking routes. Adventure travel and outdoor activities will continue to trend, offering physical and mental health benefits,” travel blogger Yulia Saf told Muscle and Health. 

Whether you like to keep it old school or embrace the trends, finding what you enjoy is the key to staying consistent. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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