Gymnast Nastia Liukin is showing off her fit physique with her one million Instagram followers!

The Russian-born former American artistic gymnast took to social media over the weekend to share a quick workout with her Instagram followers that showed off her impressive strength and flexibility!

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Shows Off Her Strength In New Workout Video

Over the weekend, the five-time Olympic champion took to Instagram to share footage of her workout. She is wearing a blue sports bra with only one strap, along with blue shorts, white sneakers, white crew socks, and a white baseball cap. Her long blonde hair is tied back into a ponytail as she stretches before dropping into a plank and lifting one leg at a time.

She then moved into a side plank to perform hip dips before grabbing two dumbbells and moving into alternating curtsy lunges and squats. In the caption of this Instagram video, Nastia wrote, “As I finished a very quick workout – because even 20-30 minutes of moving your body is better than nothing – I took a moment to sit down and stretch quickly, as golden hour was shining thru the gym windows.”

“I looked in front of me and there was a photo of little Nastia – above it (for some odd reason) that little girl all grown up, on the cover of a Wheaties box,” she added. “So here’s to remind you all: do it for her, keep making her proud.”

Fans Love To See Nastia Focusing On Her Health And Fitness

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Grabs Dumbbells To Share Her ‘Very Quick Workout’
Instagram | Nastia Liukin

One former high school gymnastics coach left a touching comment for the former gymnast, writing, “When I was coaching high school gymnastics, all the girls were looking up to you while you were winning the Olympics. They have grown up with you. I’m so glad to see that health and fitness are still a priority for you and how you have immersed yourself in making things amazing for the next generation of gymnasts.”

They continued, “I feel really proud of how you handle all the people who feel it’s appropriate to comment on anything other than your content or achievements. Keep being an amazing role model. Thank you.” Nastia replied, “Thank you for your sweet comment; means the world to me.”

Nastia Liukin Claps Back At Trolls Telling Her To Eat More

Gymnast Nastia Liukin In See-Through Pink Dress Is In Her 'Barbie Era'
Instagram | Nastia Liukin

Recently, the 33-year-old former athlete has been “skinny-shamed” online, with many users accusing her of being too skinny and promoting unrealistic beauty standards for young women. Although Nastia usually deletes these comments, or disables comments on her Instagram posts altogether, this time, she had a witty response for a troll who asked her if she ever eats.

“Any time for lunch? Maybe dinner??” one user asked. “Yep, just as much time as you have to continue creating new IG accounts every single time you’re blocked,” Nastia replied. “TELL EM NASTIA,” one fan exclaimed. “The amount of energy these randoms have just to harass you is insanely uncomfortable,” another follower pointed out.

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Celebrates World Ocean Day In Her Little Bikini
Instagram | Nastia Liukin

“What is wrong with you? Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. You are bullying a woman online. Does that make you feel better about yourself?” a third fan asked. “Nastia, I am so sorry people are equating your worth to your body, i hope you know you are SO much more! keep killing it girl!” another follower chimed in. “Block the noise girl. You’re amazing!!” another fan exclaimed.

Unfortunately, comments about her appearance weren’t the only negative comments that her fans pushed back against. “Squats and lounges look forward, not down. Helps keep back straight so you don’t get hurt,” one user commented. “Mansplaining at its finest folks, giving an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST unsolicited workout advice,” one fan countered.

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Is In Her ‘Gardening Era’ In A Floral Bikini
Instagram | Nastia Liukin

“When you can do her bars routine, you can tell her how to work out,” another follower teased. “Lol bro don’t mansplain to an Olympic champion. K bye,” another fan chimed in. “How many Olympic medals have you earned, exactly?” another follower asked.

Fortunately, most of the comments on her posts were overwhelmingly positive as her fans thanked her for sharing quick workout ideas. As one fan commented, “I really admire the hard work and dedication you put into your workouts Nastia; you are an amazing role model!!”

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