Bollywood stars have consistently taken a leading role in promoting fitness, and Vaani Kapoor is no exception. She has actively shared her workout routines and images on social media, serving as a source of inspiration for her followers. In addition to her impressive acting skills, she has remained in the public eye due to her dedicated gym sessions, well-toned physique, and impressive muscles. Today on her birthday, we’ve compiled her exercise routines that will motivate you to get up from your bed and put in more effort towards achieving your fitness goals.

1. Vaani Kapoor’s Perfect Headstand

Vaani Kapoor recently shared an image on her Instagram profile where she flawlessly executed a headstand. The accompanying video captures her expertly performing the headstand under the guidance and support of her trainer. In the caption, she simply wrote ‘Almost.’ Numerous comments on the post praised her dedication, with remarks like, ‘Hard work consistently yields great results, keep it up,’ ‘She epitomises perfection,’ ‘Success will surely come, if not today, then tomorrow,’ and ‘Impressive work.’

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2. Vaani Kapoor’s Perfect Yoga Pose For International Yoga Day

Vaani Kapoor is unwavering in her commitment to maintaining fitness. To commemorate International Yoga Day, she shared a photo of herself flawlessly executing a yoga pose, accompanied by the caption, ‘Sometimes the world is better upside down.’

3. Vaani Kapoor’s Intense Workout

Vaani Kapoor elevated her workout regimen by incorporating challenging leg exercises. She took to Instagram to share a video showcasing her rigorous leg and glute training session, guided by bollywood fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala. Subsequently, Yasmin posted her video, detailing the specific exercises Vaani performed and providing instructions on how to execute them correctly. Alongside the video, Vaani captioned her post with, ‘Slackin and sappin’… time to get back! Focusing on nurturing the mind, body, and soul.’

4. Vaani Kapoor’s Pilates Session

Vaani frequently incorporates Pilates Bar equipment into her fitness routine, focusing on various stretches. In a video clip, she demonstrates her workout by initially suspending herself from the bar in a downward, inverted position. Then, she gracefully transitions her body into a straight horizontal alignment, followed by an extension into the inverted cobra pose. After holding this pose for a few seconds, Vaani smoothly returns to the initial pose. Her fluid sequence of movements not only adds a dynamic element to her exercise but also provides numerous benefits for the body through each distinct position.

5. Vaani Kapoor’s Anti-Gravity Yoga

For her role in the movie ‘War,’ (war movies) Vaani Kapoor was dedicated to her training regimen, going the extra mile to ensure she was in peak physical condition. In addition to her rigorous workouts, she also incorporated anti-gravity yoga into her fitness routine. This form of yoga involves performing poses and stretches while suspended in a silk hammock, which challenges balance, flexibility, and strength. Vaani’s commitment to adopting anti-gravity yoga not only showcased her dedication to her craft but also contributed to her overall fitness and well-being, helping her deliver a stellar performance in the film.

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