Happy birthday, Zaheer Khan! Revealing the former cricketer’s fitness secrets

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Here’s wishing Zaheer Khan a very happy birthday

Zaheer Khan has been one of the finest fast bowlers that the Indian cricket team has been blessed with.

Although retired, the former cricketer, who has turned 45 today, keeps in touch with his favorite sport and fitness, making him an inspiration for many.

On his birthday, let’s find out what keeps Khan fit as a fiddle.

Khan had cut down on carbs for a lean physique

As a fast bowler, it was important for Khan to steer clear of starchy carbs. Even today, the retired cricketer follows the same ruler to maintain a lean physique.

If sources are to be believed, he had cut down on pasta and rice and instead used to gorge on lean protein by consuming lots of fresh vegetables.

This helped him lose fat.

The cricketer’s fondness for weight training

During his cricket career, Khan used to focus a lot on his muscles too. He used to do exercises to stay strong, active, and flexible.

Per reports, he used to (and still does!) weight training sessions and includes squats and deadlifts in his workout routine.

Also, he rarely used to run on the treadmill as it never aligned with his fitness goals.

Here’s your reminder to hit the gym today!

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He stresses the importance of physiotherapy

In an interview, Khan once revealed that physiotherapy is very important to be physically fit.

As a sportsman, he has often had physiotherapy sessions before and after matches to keep his muscles fit and get rid of injuries.

For the uninitiated, this helps in improving one’s range of motion, enhances flexibility, reduces pain and muscle tension, and promotes overall well-being.

Khan is not a fussy eater but keeps it healthy

Khan is a foodie at heart but he mostly keeps his diet clean and healthy. He avoids sugary and processed foods at all costs.

“My diet is a broad outline of eating right. My intake has always been about eating right. The base of the diet should be protein. Hence, my diet is always high in protein and salads,” he revealed to Magzter.

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