Jason Momoa narrates 'Deep Rising,' a new documentary about the frenzied efforts by resource-hungry corporations to scrape valuable metals from the floor of the Pacific


  • Jason Momoa welcomed Men’s Health to his home wearing nothing but a pink robe and a shark tooth necklace
  • The “Aquaman” star gave the magazine a glimpse of his fridge filled with necessities for “a growing boy”
  • Momoa’s workout routine includes lifting weights, using kettlebells, boxing and rock climbing

Jason Momoa is once again showing off the fruits of his labor at the gym.

Momoa bared it all as he welcomed Men’s Health into his home to take a peek into his fridge and gym.

In the video released Thursday, the “Aquaman” star opened his door wearing nothing but a pink fluffy robe and a shark-tooth necklace, with only a Meili Vodka bottle graphic strategically placed over his private area.

“I didn’t know you were coming. I [would have gotten] dressed up if I knew,” he joked.

During the interview, Momoa showed off his fully stocked fridge, which was filled with necessities for “a growing boy,” including water, beer, liquor, pre/post-workout drinks, and party-time-workout drinks such as his Meili Vodka.

For food, he had ham and poi, a Polynesian snack made from taro root, bananas or pineapple mixed with coconut cream. He also stores bones for his pet dog, Rama, in the fridge.

The “Dune” star then showed the magazine’s crew his gym, where he joked about using his mental power to move his equipment while sitting on his chair and strategically positioning his leg to cover his private parts. He revealed that one of his favorite ways to work out was using kettlebells.

“Kettlebells have been really huge in my life. I travel with kettlebells. It helps me with my core,” he said. “Aside from that, I’ll just do band work on set. It’s just so simple and easy. I like stuff that I can just take with me anywhere.”

Momoa said his workout routine also includes lifting weights, boxing and rock climbing.

At one point, Momoa showed off his collection of mountain and riding bikes before deciding to hop on one completely naked.

“Yeah I like to mountain bike, like to go downhill fast,” he said as he bumped up and down on his bike with the graphic covering his private area.

The camera got a clear glimpse of his bare butt as Momoa rode in circles around his rustic gym.

Momoa’s antics drew attention from fans, with some joking that they were jealous of his bike.

“There he goes flaunting his butt a– naked sexy as f–k DILF self again. Normally, I don’t like a man who can’t keep it in his pants, but for Jason Momoa, I’ll gladly make an exception. Also, I have never been more jealous of a mountain bike in all my life,” a fan tweeted.

“Why oh why?! He’s a tease,” another wrote.

“Show the real picture ASAP,” a third person added.

This was not the first time Momoa flaunted his body in front of the camera.

In March, he shared a video of himself walking around without his pants on. Momoa also previously stripped down in the middle of a “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” interview last year.

Momoa is in Aotearoa/New Zealand, where he is already halfway through an eight-month shoot for his new Apple TV+ show “Chief of War.” The project tells the quasi-historical story of a Hawaiian chief in the late 1700s who tries to unite the warring islands in order to save them from the threat of colonization, according to the magazine.

The “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” star said he had wanted to tell the story for a long time but had to wait for his career to peak due to the costs and due to his desire to direct, produce and star in it. Momoa called the project his “holy grail,” “my baby,” and “my dream.”

“It’s like my ‘Braveheart’ or ‘Dances with Wolves,'” he told Men’s Health. “I never thought it would be this big. It’s the hardest, most challenging, most demanding thing I’ve ever done. It’s the last big dream I have left. Everything else is just kind of ‘actor for hire,’ but this is my homage to my people. We have so many beautiful stories in Hawaii that no one knows about. All I care about is just doing right by my people.”

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa no longer has a beard. He is pictured at the Academy Awards on Feb. 24, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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