Although Kim Taehyung may make maintaining enviable physical fitness seem effortless, it’s important to note that it demands a significant amount of dedication, unwavering commitment, and persistent effort.

Kim Tae-Hyung, popularly known as V, is a prominent member of the K-pop sensation BTS, renowned for his multifaceted talents in singing, songwriting, and acting. Apart from his artistic prowess, V also garners attention for his impressive physical fitness. The K-pop icon has graciously shared insights into his workout regimen through live sessions, interviews, and more, offering fans a glimpse into his fitness routines. From vigorous dance sessions that torch calories to weight training that sculpts his physique, Kim Taehyung’s fitness routine effectively targets the entire body. Below, we unveil the exercises that help V maintain his fitness, serving as inspiration for those looking to follow.

1. Kim Taehyung’s Cardio Session

What could be more enjoyable than using dance as a pathway to attain your fitness objectives? BTS, (full form of BTS) much like many K-pop stars, engages in intense dance sessions, not just out of professional necessity but also to add excitement to their exercise routines. Their dedication to mastering intricate dance routines through consistent practice has significantly enhanced their live performances. As per GQ, V dedicates himself to demanding 3-4 hour dance sessions, a regimen that plays a crucial role in keeping him physically fit and in great shape.

2.  Kim Taehyung’s Weight Training Sessions

In a widely circulated workout video from 2020, BTS’ V was captured engaging in a shoulder-focused workout at the gym. The video showcased him performing exercises such as lateral delt flyes and lateral shoulder flyes, to enhance upper body strength and achieve broader shoulders. These strength training activities not only promote increased stamina but also offer protective benefits to the bones and joints, reducing the risk of injuries. Incorporating muscle-building exercises into your fitness routine is highly recommended, as they bring about a multitude of advantages for both physical and mental well-being.

3. Kim Taehyung’s Face Pull-Up Exercise 

During one of his live sessions, Taehyung also demonstrated face pull-ups, an exercise designed to target the shoulders and back. This exercise plays a crucial role in promoting healthier and more injury-resistant shoulder muscles. To perform the face pull exercise, you’ll require a cable machine or a resistance band. It’s advisable to opt for a cable machine, as it allows you to progressively increase resistance as your strength (strength exercises) improves. Incorporating back and shoulder training not only aids in maintaining good posture but also helps prevent muscle imbalances that can arise from excessive chest workouts. If you aim to develop an impressive ‘V’-shaped back, face pull-ups are a highly effective exercise to include in your routine.

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4. Kim Taehyung’s Shoulder Press Exercise 

Another exercise that Taehyung endorses for fortifying your shoulders and upper back is the shoulder press. This exercise not only contributes to the development of shoulder muscles but also places beneficial stress on your bones, enhancing their density and strength. Integrating the shoulder press into your regular workout regimen can decrease your vulnerability to injuries and improve your efficiency in performing everyday tasks. Although it is often executed with dumbbells or barbells, you have the option of incorporating kettlebells and resistance bands for some variety and added challenge

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