Kriti Sanon's Latest Kettlebell Workout Video Is The Fittest Way To Prepare For A Christmas Binge

Kriti’s Workout Video Is The Best Way To Prepare For Christmas Binge

Working out during this time of the year might not be an ideal thing for many but trust this fitness process for a guilt-free indulgence. While the season is all about the aroma of scrumptious delicacies and more, Kriti Sanon is giving us some motivation to hit the gym before ending the year. Kriti Sanon’s relatable workout regimen has always been a mix of everything, from stretches to weight training and more. Recently, in a video, the actress was seen ending the year on a super fit note as she did a quick kettlebell workout. She targeted the back muscles as she did bent over row where she was in a bent posture as she lifted the weight towards the back position. This workout is a great way to tone the upper back while focussing on the core muscles as well.

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Kriti Sanon’s well-rounded workout regimen is no joke. Whether it is her regular training session or she is prepping for a movie, her fitness game is always top-notch. Previously, her trainer Karan Sawhney gave us a BTS glimpse into the hardcore training for the movie Ganapath. He shared a video of Kriti and wrote, “We applied the French contrast training method for a period of over 4 months where even blood, sweat and tears wasn’t enough. From doing 6 am sessions (before a 12 hour shoot day) to even night sessions. We didn’t stop.” From weighted squats to lunges to weighted squats and much more, her hardcore session looked intense. She even did a variation of crunches and Russian twists among other exercises to hit her goal.

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Kriti Sanon’s fitness game is worth taking notes from.

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