Masaba Gupta Shares The Importance Of Health Living, Says Mental Stress Manifests Itself In Physical Body

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Masaba Gupta, the renowned fashion designer, is known for her dedication to fitness and health, but like everyone else, she too faces challenging days both physically and mentally. Recently, amidst her busy schedule working on a new collection, Masaba candidly opened up about her health and self-care journey.

In a recent Instagram post, she shared, “The last two weeks have been quite an experience! It’s been tough on my health… relying on painkillers while attending meetings (yes, I have a tendency to push myself too hard) and even ignoring a painful cyst. Then there was a break from my workout routine due to a medical procedure. During this time, I am immensely grateful for the yoga and meditation that I could incorporate.”

She went on to emphasise an essential lesson, stating, “The main point here is that you cannot sweep anything under the carpet. Everything you experience takes its toll in some way – the mental stress you endure can manifest itself in your physical well-being and vice versa. Self-care goes beyond just resting; it involves addressing every aspect of your health.”

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Masaba, who is 33 years old, expressed her concern about the fast-paced and sometimes delusional world we live in today. She urged people to take the time to address even the smallest triggers in their minds, highlighting the importance of mental well-being.

Addressing her own health, the actor from “Masaba Masaba” assured her followers, saying, “I want to clarify that all is well, and I’m still very proud of my strong work ethic, which is an integral part of who I am. My workouts are not only crucial for my physical health but also for my mental well-being. After spending time at a wellness retreat with my parents, I’m thrilled to be back to my fitness routine. However, I’ve learned that I should never compromise my body, spirit, and mind again. As my mother, Neena Gupta, often says, ‘Without health, there’s nothing.'”

In this candid post, Masaba Gupta not only opens up about her recent health challenges but also encourages her followers to prioritise self-care and mental well-being in a world that often seems overly hectic and disconnected from reality.

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