The “MEFIT Fitness and Health Summit”, which is taking place at Fairmont the Palm Hotel, will be concluded on Tuesday 31st Oct. 2023 with the support of Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and with participation of 2500 fitness trainers, sports club managers, sports leaders, besides specialists in the fields of fitness & healthy nutrition sector, sports equipment production and personality development.


“MEFIT Fitness and Health Summit”, the biggest sports gathering of its kind, was inaugurated in the presence of H.E. Saeed Hareb, the Secretary General of DSC / H.E. Naser Aman Al-Rahma, Assistant Secretary General of DSC / Mr. Ali Omar Al-Baloushi, Director of Sports Events Dept. in DSC / Mr. Ahmed Salem Al-Mahri, Director of Sports Development Dept. in DSC.


The event witnessed organization of more than 60 sessions, lectures & workshop in various fields, and it was held with participation of global speakers from UAE & overseas.


Mr. Gerg Boucher, the CEO of MEFITPRO, and Ms. Rania Boucher, Manager of MEFITPRO, thanked DSC toward its support toward the successful organizing of this event during the last years. They refereed: “The current edition of the event holds special importance, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary for the launch of the MEFIT Fitness and Health Summit in 2003. The event has become a leading educational summit in the fitness & health field in the Middle East. We are committed and endeavor to present the best practices in the sports education, developed scientific progress, technological innovation & researches to enhance the development of fitness industry in the Middle East. This year, we are pleased with the remarkable participation of 2500 trainers and specialists in fitness exercises, nutrition & recovery besides development of individual mentality & ability to overcome challenges, taking into account that the participating trainers & specialists have arrived from UAE & overseas to benefit from this event; the first of its kind. We are providing distinctive collaboration to combine between the fields of fitness & the healthcare. The Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Conference and the Function Medicine Conference will be convened for the first time, and we believe that these additions can promote the event into unprecedented levels”.


The event is held with participation of prominent leaders in the fields of fitness, sports performance, nutrition & training; top of whom are the American Mike Cumming, an International Business Advisor & Performance Specialist / Dr. Chris Moore, CEO of Nordic Global Health Co. /  Jose Teixeira, CEO of the Innov Fitness Global Co. / Waben Davis, CEO of Fitness Marketing Agency  and many others personalities, who will present the synopsis of their experiences & expertise in the healthcare & fitness fields and will open new channels of investment in this scope.


Two conferences are organized for the first time as part of the Summit; these are: “The Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Conference” and “The Function Medicine Conference”, in addition to the Business Conference and the Fitness & Wellness Conference. The Summit comprises several activities, physical trainings, workshops on intact exercises for the building of each muscle in the body, ways of avoiding sports injuries & means of treatment, in addition to ways of enhancing performance level, fast recovery, proper nutrition & workshops in Arabic language. It also deals with several exciting matters, related to fitness field.  


The Summit is considered as an eminent healthy, economic & sports event serving several classes in society. It plays key role to enrich the knowledge of those who work in physical & fitness exercises, healthy nutrition & treatment besides other respective fields. It provides unique opportunities for athletes to communicate with decision’s makers in the global sports sector and to discover the most advanced sports technologies & directives presented by industry leaders.  



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