Participants during a fitness training session

MBARE-BASED musician Ronald Chironga has forged an alliance with fitness coaches to combat diseases and mental health problems by offering free fitness training in the community.

Chironga, who is also the founder of arts and entertainment organisation Celebrate Your Child Association, said Mbare was experiencing a rise in cases of suicide, depression and anxiety.

To promote healthy lifestyles and sound mental health in the Mbare community, Chironga has formed a group called Mbare Wellness and Fitness Coaches (MWFC).The MWFC training project will include anyone interested in taking part in its fitness programmes.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Chironga said physical fitness was an important aspect in people’s lives that improve well-being and mental health.Chironga believes MWFC will help people to fight depression.

“Exercises are necessary for both adults and kids to help protect them from diseases. Beyond physical health benefits, exercising is also a proven way to enhance our mental and emotional health as well as social well-being,” he said.

“Everyone is a target, we all need to live a healthy life, living emotionally, physically and mentally balanced. We need to relieve pain and stress and fight depression. MWFC is a community space we are creating to help each other to be accountable in wellness and fitness.”

Chironga said MWFC has done fitness sessions in the Mbare community. “We started one month ago, but other coaches have been conducting classes at local gyms.”“Our number one goal as MWFC is to reach every corner in Mbare doing health and wellness sessions and beyond.”

He said they had set a programme to conduct fitness training at every community open space to reach all sides of Mbare, adding that so far, they had done three free community sessions this month.

“Our theme is Health, Wellness and Fitness to Communities. We are conducting our sessions for free to reach everyone to experience the importance of exercise without being limited by financial circumstances,” he noted.

“The last two events were successful, and we had a positive response and support from stakeholders who supported the wellness project to change lives in our community. We are expecting good numbers in other communities to join us.

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