A FITNESS fanatic has shared her go-to lazy girl workout for toning your upper body.

The avid gym-goer demonstrated her routine, which allowed her to stay seated for most of it.

TikTok user Jessie showed her followers her go-to routine for working out her upper body


TikTok user Jessie showed her followers her go-to routine for working out her upper bodyCredit: TikTok/zogg.fit
The fitness fanatic demonstrated how to work out your upper body while remaining seated


The fitness fanatic demonstrated how to work out your upper body while remaining seatedCredit: TikTok/zogg.fit

In her video, TikTok user Jessie (@zogg.fit) took her followers along on a “quick Sunday strength day.”

For the first move in her “lazy girl upper body workout,” she showed viewers the seated shoulder press.

Sitting back on the bench, Jessie lifted two weights above her head, meeting them in the middle before lowering them to her sides.

Next, she demonstrated how to do a lateral raise while remaining seated.

Sitting forward, Jessie held a weight by each side and, keeping her arms straight, lifted them to her shoulder height.

For her next exercise, she stood up and switched out her weights for a kettlebell.

Jessie held the item in front of her with straight arms before lifting it up to her chest repeatedly.

For her next move, she returned to the weights and drew them to her in a rowing motion and she squatted on the gym mat.

She carried out a similar exercise using a kettlebell, placing it on the ground between each rep.

This allowed her to work on the muscles in each arm evenly as she did her so-called gorilla rows.

Finally, Jessie stood up straight and used an exercise band to demonstrate the pull-apart motion, which works out your biceps and upper back.

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Jessie showed viewers how to build upper body strength with a series of lazy girl exercisesCredit: TikTok/zogg.fit

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