New West residents will soon be able to do pullups, pushups and other exercises in the great outdoors.

Construction of a new outdoor fitness area is underway in Moody Park, in an spot along the pedestrian path, just south of the youth centre and Century House.

“The fitness equipment is intended to provide adults and youth with an opportunity to engage in outdoor physical fitness,” said Darren Miller, park planner/parks and open space planning, design and construction. “While the playground at Moody Park is popular with children, adults who want to work out can head to the new fitness area nearby.”

Currently, the city has outdoor fitness areas in Queen’s Park and in Old School House Park in Queensborough.

“The city has received a number of requests from local residents for more outdoor fitness equipment,” Miller said.

The Moody Park facility is located in an area with views of the adjacent playground and grass field.

“The new fitness area provides an outdoor location to work out while enjoying fresh air and sunshine in Moody Park,” Miller said. “The new equipment intends to help with strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance.”

The city selected equipment that’s designed to accommodate a range of ages and abilities. Offerings will include: a stationary hand bike (accessible); monkey bars; and calisthenics structures, such as an incline bench, parallel bars (accessible), pushup bar, decline press, Swedish ladder, human flagpole and pullup station.

According to Miller, the project budget for site preparation, equipment and surfacing is $50,000. The project is expected to be completed on May 15.

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