Fitness is about so much more than burning calories and building muscle. Movement, mindfulness and connection all go hand in hand, which is why the nike.com%2Fnikewellcollective”>Nike Well Collective aims to support holistic movement that boosts both mental and physical well-being. In addition to other training and gym essentials, the line includes the brand’s top-selling Metcon 9 workout shoes, which provide the support, security and comfort you’ll need to smash your fitness goals this year, no matter how (or why) you move your body.

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Improved stability and durability

When compared to its predecessor, the Metcon 9 has a larger, firmer Hyperlift plate in the heel, which offers more support and stability while squatting, lifting weights or performing other lower body workouts. The grippy rubber outsole also wraps around the side of the foot so you can climb ropes, lunge or move multidirectionally with control. Thanks to the lace lock system on the tongue, you don’t have to worry about the laces snagging on any equipment either.

The dual-density midsole contains both firm foam on the outside for responsive cushioning during cardio and soft foam on the inside for long-lasting comfort. The expansive toe box allows your toes to splay without restriction while lifting weights, while the cushioned upper lightly hugs your foot from all angles.

Lightweight and breathable

Despite the durability and support, these sneakers “feel extremely light on your feet,” one reviewer writes. The mesh upper is breathable to keep your foot cool, but the haptic-print textile can still withstand scrapes, snags and bumps — plus, it’s easy to clean.

As part of Nike’s Move to Zero journey, the Metcon 9 was responsibly designed using at least 20% recycled materials, either from postconsumer or post-manufactured waste. By reusing existing plastic and textiles, Nike can reduce its emissions and environmental impact — without compromising on performance and durability.

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