• Video shows new OnPoint Gym in Wofford Heights
  • Owners Tawnya and Danny Torgl crafted the inside of the gym to be calming and welcoming
  • The Torgls believe in helping people achieve their potential by teaching them how to properly use equipment
  • OnPoint offers general memberships as well as personal training


At OnPoint Gym in Wofford Heights, the idea isn’t just to workout, but also provide you with the knowledge to maximize your efforts.

French bulldogs aren’t the only unique thing you’ll find at OnPoint Gym in Wofford Heights.

“That’s a sisyphus table, love that table,” Tawnya Torgle, who opened the gym with her husband Danny, told me.

“It was important to Danny and I to make sure it wasn’t like a beater gym. We love muscle, but no muscle head gym.”

That translated to an intentional atmosphere with calm metallic colors. The gym represents Wofford Heights, with local sign makers and artists’ work on display.

“I wanted it to be when they come in they feel welcome,” Danny Torgle told me.

The intention of Onpoint is to provide a gym experience that focuses on helping people understand how to get the most out of the workout.

“What is the worst thing about your experience and going to a gym? Getting a membership and just getting thrown into the middle and told good luck. That doesn’t happen here, because our people here make sure you walk through and they lose that intimidation and they actually get very comfortable with it and think wow this is really nice and everybody helps everybody,” Danny said.

Danny has been in fitness for 43 years; but he operates on the philosophy that everyone can get into fitness, even if they don’t want to be a bodybuilder.

“It’s unlike any gym I’ve ever been to, it’s beautiful, it’s comfortable, it feels like a safe place to go, there’s nobody judging you,” gym member Beth Ubil said.

Beth Ubil experienced chronic pain in her back due to bulging discs in her lumbar and scoliosis. When Onpoint opened, she started going, and hired Danny as her personal trainer.

“The first month was difficult, the second month was easier, by the third month I was like I don’t have any issues, I’m bouncing out of my chair, I don’t feel weak.”

Ubil told me she had been to other gyms before but always gave up after a month or so.

“Starts with baby weights, lots of encouragement, hugs when you need it.”

“I truly think what’s missing in the fitness industry is caring for the individual,” Danny said,

“His heart is on his sleeve, when he says he cares, he is very genuine,” said Ubil.

The Torgls told me they envisions the gym as a place where the community can meet up and encourage each other.

“The camaraderie here is pretty spectacular,” Danny said, “Who is it for? Everybody.”

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