Getting yourself moving outdoors can be an important part of maintaining your emotional, mental, and physical health.

However, some areas are more accommodating to outdoor fitness enthusiasts than others. And there’s one city in Pennsylvania that ranks among the best.

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CommercialSearch — a platform that “provides listings for a wide range of commercial properties, including office, retail, industrial, and multifamily units across the United States” — cities-to-live-for-outdoor-enthusiasts/”>published a report on Monday titled “The Best U.S. Cities to Live in for Outdoor Enthusiasts.”

The report broke the cities listed into two different brackets — those with over 500,00 residents and those with less than 500,000 residents — before grading them on nine main categories: “ParkScore index;” “Miles of trails per resident;” “Air quality;” “Walkability;” “Number of outdoor fitness zones per resident;” “Number of parks per resident;” “Recreation places within city limits;” “Number of outdoor sport courts per resident;” and “Miles of walking loop per resident.”

Pittsburgh ended up ranking fifth overall on the list of smaller cities, CommercialSearch describing it as a “City For Fitness & Trails.”

“…Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are two cities with comparable populations that boasted outstanding park systems,” the study elaborates. “Namely, Pittsburgh had a great fitness zone ranking (third) and trail mileage per capita ranking (fifth).

“At the same time, its ParkScore was ninth overall with excellent points for park amenities.”

Philadelphia also made a name for itself in the study by claiming the 10th overall spot when it came to the larger cities.

The locations that topped either were Washington D.C. for big cities and Arlington, Va., for small.

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