Alison Hammond is a British TV presenter who is best known for her roles on This Morning, I Can See Your Voice and Celebrity Juice. She has also been open about her weight struggles and her journey to a healthier lifestyle. Alison has lost several stone over the years and has reversed her pre-diabetic condition by making some simple changes to her diet and exercise.


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What motivated her to lose weight?

Alison has revealed that her main motivation to lose weight was her family, especially her son. She also faced a personal tragedy when her mother passed away from cancer in 2020, after suffering from diabetes for years. Alison herself was diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition in 2019, which scared her and made her want to do something about it.

How did she lose weight?

Alison has shared some of the tips and tricks that helped her lose weight and improve her health. Some of them are:

●     Cutting out sugar from her diet, which she said was the biggest factor in her weight loss.

●     Eating more fruit, vegetables, protein and healthy fats, and drinking more water.

●     Working with a personal trainer who designed a circuit-based workout for her, using kettlebells and weights.

●     Going for walks and dancing, which she said made her feel good and boosted her confidence.

How does she look now?

Alison looks amazing and radiant after losing weight. She often shows off her slimmed-down figure and stylish outfits on Instagram, where she also posts motivational messages and healthy recipes. She has received many compliments from fans and celebrities alike, who praise her for her transformation and beauty.


 ” Many people find it hard to lose weight, especially as they get older. Some pills can help with this problem by making your body burn fat faster, reducing your hunger, and giving you more energy. These pills are made from natural ingredients and they guarantee to give you your money back if they don’t work. There are many kinds of pills that claim to help you lose weight, but how do you choose the best ones?

What makes people gain weight?

There are many reasons why people might have extra weight that is hard to get rid of. Some of these reasons are related to what you eat, how active you are, where you live, and what genes you have.

Food and Exercise

People gain weight when they eat more calories than they use up by moving around. This is the main reason for weight gain.


The place where you live can affect how easy or hard it is to keep a healthy weight. For example:

It is hard for people to move around a lot when there are no parks, sidewalks, or cheap gyms nearby.

People in America eat more calories because the food portions are bigger, so they need to exercise more to keep a healthy weight.

Some people don’t have access to stores that sell cheap and healthy foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables.

People are influenced by ads that make them buy unhealthy foods like drinks with a lot of sugar and snacks with a lot of fat.

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How Your Genes, Health, and Mood Affect Your Weight

Some people are more likely to gain weight because of their genes.

Your genes can affect how your body stores fat and burns calories. Scientists say that some people have DNA that makes them more prone to obesity, but they also need other factors, like too much food or not enough exercise, to become overweight.

Some health problems can also make you weigh more.

Some hormones can make your body hold on to fat. Some medicines for depression, epilepsy, or other conditions can also make you hungry or slow down your metabolism.

Your sleep, emotions, and stress can also influence your weight.

Some people eat more than usual when they are sad, angry, bored, or stressed. Also, studies have shown that people who sleep less tend to weigh more. This is partly because sleeping helps control your hunger and energy levels.

If you want to lose weight and feel better, you might need some help. We have reviewed effective weight loss supplements that can help you achieve your goals. We looked at each product based on what it contains, how much you need to take, how well it works, what people say about it, and how much it costs.

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1. PhenGold – Top Diet Pills for Men and Women Editor’s Choice PhenGold helps you lose weight by making your body burn more fat naturally. It does this by using different ingredients that work together to speed up your fat metabolism.

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PhenGold is good for your body and mind. Some of the benefits are:

PhenGold has a lot of caffeine that can increase fat burning by 29%. It also has raw coffee that stops fat from building up, making you lose weight faster. less hunger

PhenGold has capsaicin that makes you feel full. This will stop you from eating too much and help you develop healthy eating habits. more energy

Caffeine in PhenGold raises your body temperature for more energy. The supplement also has B vitamins that fight tiredness. better mood

L-theanine, B vitamins, and L-tyrosine boost the production of dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline. These are chemicals that affect your mood and motivation. PhenGold is said to be safe and have no bad side effects because it uses natural ingredients.

PhenGold PhenGold

How to use

Take three pills every day.


●     One bottle: $59.99

●     Three bottles: $119.99

●     5 bottles: $179.99

Refund Policy:

You can return it within 100 days.

2. PhenQ – The Best All-Around Weight Loss Supplement in USA

PhenQ is a natural supplement that helps you lose weight. It is made by Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited, a company that follows the highest standards of quality.

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Wolfson Brands did a lot of research and testing to create the PhenQ formula. They found that -Lacys Reset can help you grow muscles, lose weight, and burn fat.

How to Use

You need to take two tablets every day.


PhenQ helps you lose weight in five different ways, giving you many benefits for your health and your weight loss goals. These benefits are:

Burning fat Stopping fat from building up Reducing hunger Improving mood Boosting energy You can also enjoy these benefits:

The supplement has ingredients that make your body burn fat faster, which can lead to a lot of weight loss. Weight loss and burning fat are related. When your body burns fat faster and better, you lose weight faster and easier. Also, PhenQ helps you avoid gaining weight again, keeping you at the weight you want. The supplements stop your body from making and storing fat cells. Keep taking PhenQ to keep your weight after you reach your goals. PhenQ can also help you not gain weight while you are trying to lose weight.

You need to eat less calories than you use to lose weight. The product helps you do that.

PhenQ’s main ingredients can make you feel full longer. You might eat less food, which helps you eat less calories.

Eating less can lower your total calories. But, sometimes you might want to eat unhealthy food that can ruin your weight loss efforts.

PhenQ can give you more energy and make you want to exercise and eat healthy.

Sometimes you might feel sad or frustrated when you don’t see the results you want on the scale. PhenQ helps you stay stable and motivated.

PhenQ can make you happy and cheerful when you start. The supplement’s ingredients that support weight loss can help you reach your goals faster and make you feel good about your progress.

Some possible side effects are bloating, stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, headache.


You have to pay $69.99 for one bottle. Three bottles are $139.99. Five bottles are $209.99. Money-Back Guarantee for 67 Days 3. Phen24 – Best Diet Pill That Melts Fat All Day Long Phen24 can help you lose weight and get the body you want. It is a weight loss product that makes your metabolism faster and burns fat all day long. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to use Phen24 diet pills because they are safe and good for you.

“Phen24 is a product that helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite and burning fat. It is available worldwide in a bottle as an easy-to-take capsule.

This product has natural ingredients that help you lose weight, increase your energy, and speed up your fat metabolism. It does not have any addictive or stimulating substances, and it is suitable for people who do not eat animal products.

Phen24 has two different versions:

Daytime Version Nighttime Version We will explain each of these versions below.

Daytime Version It helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism all the time. It also gives you more energy and helps you get rid of fat. This product also affects your eating habits and makes you less hungry.

The Phen24 Daytime Version capsules have L-phenylalanine, guarana extract, cayenne powder, caffeine, copper, zinc, manganese, and iodine as ingredients.

The capsules come in a bottle. The Phen24 Daytime Version has 30 capsules in a bottle.

Nighttime Version It helps you avoid eating too much at night without affecting your sleep. This version also helps you lose weight. It helps you burn fat by using your body’s natural way to shrink fat. Nighttime capsules help you burn fat and lose weight.

The Phen24 Nighttime Version capsules have glucomannan, griffonia extract, choline bitartrate, hops, ascorbic acid, calcium d-pantothenate, pyridoxine HCl, thiamine HCl, molybdenum, and green tea extract as ingredients.

The capsules come in a bottle. The Phen24 Nighttime Version has 60 capsules in a bottle.

Price: $69.99 per bottle.

4. Trimtone – Best Female Product for Quick Weight Loss TrimTone is a product for women who want to lose weight. You only need to take one tablet every day, along with eating less calories and exercising more, to get fast and lasting results. It has ingredients that are proven to help you lose weight by increasing your body temperature. Green coffee extract is a popular ingredient for weight loss products. A study in 2012 showed that people who were overweight lost about 4.4% body fat when they took green bean extract, without changing their diet or activity.


Trimtone makes your body burn more calories and fat by heating it up. This helps you lose weight faster. Heating up your body helps break down the fat.

Trimtone uses ingredients like grains of paradise, caffeine, and green tea to heat up your body in different ways. Faster Metabolism

Trimtone helps you speed up your metabolism and stay active. This can make you lose more weight and move more. Hunger Control

Trimtone has glucomannan, which makes you feel full for a long time and eat less.

Trimtone also has caffeine and green coffee, which lower the hormone that makes you hungry.

Trimtone has ingredients that give you energy, like caffeine, green tea, and grains of paradise. You can take Trimtone before you exercise to heat up your body more.

Green tea has EGCG, which protects your cells and improves your health with strong antioxidants.

Caffeine boosts your mood and makes you more focused and alert.

Some people may have trouble sleeping, headaches, or shaking because of Trimtone’s energy effects, but most people can handle its ingredients well. Start with a small amount of caffeine if you are sensitive, then increase it slowly. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, a child, or have health problems, you should not take caffeine. TRIM TONE has easy-to-use pills. You need water to take Trimtone. Taking Trimtone before you exercise can give you more energy and make you more focused.”


One bottle costs $59.95

You can get your money back in 100 days if you are not satisfied

5. PrimeShred – Best Male Product For Fast Fat Loss PrimeShred is a fat burner that helps you lose body fat and keep your muscles.

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PrimeShred helps you lose weight, feel energetic, and stay focused.

Some other features are:

It does not have any banned substances. It can increase your energy and focus levels. It uses legal and safe ingredients PrimeShred has a special mix of ingredients that make you lose weight faster than other products. Each serving of PrimeShred has about 225 mg of caffeine anhydrous. This substance makes more fat-burning hormones in your body, which break down the fat in your cells. This can make your metabolism faster and help you lose weight. Caffeine anhydrous can also make more chemicals in your brain. This improves your concentration and keeps you energetic.

Serving size: 500 mg of green tea extract. This is a common ingredient in many weight loss products.

Many users say this ingredient works best when you exercise. Also, many studies show that green tea extract makes your metabolism faster. This means that it burns calories even when you are sleeping or resting.

Cayenne pepper is added because of research. Cayenne pepper makes you eat less, so you consume fewer calories. It also makes your body warmer, which uses more fat.

Not many people know that coffee beans that are not roasted can help you lose weight. Green coffee, like cayenne pepper, can make your metabolism and body temperature higher. This makes your body use more energy.

Also, green coffee makes more chemicals in your brain like norepinephrine and dopamine. This can improve your thinking and reduce tiredness.

PrimeShred has 100 mg of green coffee per serving.

L-theanine is another strong ingredient that boosts your metabolism. So, PrimeShred has about 250 mg of it per serving.

It reduces how much fat and carbs your body absorbs and makes more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide makes your blood vessels wider, which helps more nutrients and oxygen reach your muscles. This is very helpful for people who want to lose fat and keep muscle.

Caffeine and L-Theanine work together to make you feel more energetic and less tired. This makes your workouts easier.

PrimeShred’s 150 mg of dimethylaminoethanol improves how your brain and muscles work. Dimethylaminoethanol can also make you feel better mentally. It can reduce stress, sadness, and anger, which can increase your motivation, according to research.

PrimeShred contains L-tyrosine, an important amino acid for making thyroid hormones in your body. More thyroid hormones can help you lose weight by making your metabolism faster.

L-tyrosine improves your attention and alertness.

Rhodiola Rosea makes more lipase, which reduces fat in cells.

Rhodiola Rosea makes you feel more energetic and perform better physically. How does it do that? – By making more oxygen go to your muscles and keeping normal levels of cortisol! Controlling cortisol is important for reducing stress.

BioPerine in each serving helps burn fat a lot, even though it is very small. It mainly improves how well the other ingredients work by up to 30%.

This means that it burns fat faster and better than before.

PrimeShred also has important vitamins, which makes it more attractive. It has vitamin B3, B12, and B6.

Here’s who should use PrimeShred capsules and who should avoid them.

PrimeShred is good for losing weight with lasting energy and keeping lean muscle.

“Cost – $49.99 for each bottle

What to think about before you buy pills to lose weight

What’s in them

Glucomannan can help you lose weight, even if you don’t do anything else.

Some foods have CLA and L-carnitine in them. Scientists are studying how these things affect weight loss. You should do your own research before you start taking them.

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What they say

Don’t believe everything a supplement says. Check what’s in it before you buy it.

Doctor’s advice

Sometimes doctors tell people to use pills that make them less hungry. This can help them eat less and get to their goal weight faster.

You need a doctor to give you some pills, like Contrave and Saxenda. These pills are very strong and can have bad effects on your body. You need a doctor to watch over you if you take them.


You want a pill that works well and doesn’t cost too much. Some pills are expensive but don’t work. Some pills are cheap but make you lose weight fast and safely. Do your research and find out more before you spend your money.


There are always new products for losing weight.


You can learn a lot from what other people say. They will tell you if a pill works or not.


You can’t just add something to your food and hope it will make you less hungry. You need to follow the instructions on how much to take.


Taking too much of something can be dangerous.

Quick Ways to Lose Weight – Final Thoughts

You can lose weight by eating less or choosing healthier foods. You can also use products that make you feel full or stop your hunger. These products can help you if you are very overweight.

Different people may react differently to these products because they have different weights and health conditions. You should talk to a doctor if you have any health problems or if you think you need stronger medicines than eating well and exercising to lose weight.

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