The free workout was focused on empowering college-age women while helping them to live healthy lifestyles.

ATLANTA — Empowering the ladies and breaking a sweat were the goals of “PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT” at the Loft Atlanta.

On Saturday, dozens of college-age women came ready to work and left it all on the floor with a free “Oh My Glutes” workout led by Mecca Day. It’s a weekly high-intensity class attracting women and men from all over the metro, targeting lower body and cardio workouts, but Saturday was all about the ladies. 

Aeshia DeVore Branch, the founder of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, led the group in empowering affirmations before DJ Amber Alert hit play to kick the workout in motion. Organizers say the goal of the day was to give these young women a positive space to have fun while getting fit and meeting other health-conscious college-age women in the metro area. After the workout, the ladies were refueled with healthy treats from the Perfect Pear juice bar.

This event was a big community initiative powered by Adidas Cornerstone Community and WISH ATL, a women-led retail store in Atlanta specializing in sneakers and streetwear. All of the businesses donated their time and resources to help empower these young members of the community. 

“The local communities of fitness are the ones that really care the most. Those are the places where you will find those family-oriented vibes,” said Julia Campbell with WISH ATL. 

Julie Hogg, the CEO of WISH ATL, echoed Campbell’s thoughts and also added that they strive to support community initiatives surrounding healthy lifestyles both physically and mentally. 

“Any way that we can recognize and do new things to maintain that balance to ensure that we stay healthy in body and mind is important to us,” said Julie Hogg of WISH ATL.

To learn more about PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, click here.  

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