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Solve those pesky workout inconveniences with these 10 genius items. (Amazon)

January is the perfect time to hit reset on your eating habits, sleep hygiene and exercise routine. It’s not easy to change any of those behaviors, but there’s one place you can get a little help on all of those things — Amazon, of course. Right now, we’re thinking about getting fit and since we shop the mega-retailer’s site every day, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what kind of gadgets help shoppers get their hearts pumping. Hiding amongst all those free weights and yoga mats are cult-favorite items that seriously make exercising a breeze.

Ready to get fit? We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite fitness finds with over 10,000 five-star ratings that are worth checking out below.


Ready to strengthen those core muscles with a balance ball? The UrbnFit ball offers gym quality at home with professional-grade, anti-burst PVC to help it last. The ball also has an easy-to-grip texture to keep you from slipping off. Over 34,000 fans give it a five-star rating. 

“I like everything about it!” gushed a rave reviewer. “I bought it for stomach crunches because it supports my lower back and also for chest expansion. I am older and my posture is poor and stiff sort of. I lay with the ball under my upper back arms extended to the sides (like a t) and it stretches all my chest muscles and allows my shoulders to roll back for better posture.”

$15 at Amazon

Fit Simplify

If you’re looking to start a strength-training practice, this popular set of resistance bands can get you started. People find them handy for working out indoors during the winter or as a backup plan when you can’t squeeze in a workout when you’re traveling. More than 87,000 shoppers rave about them.

“Resistance bands allow me to sneak in a little strength training throughout my day without having to go to the gym,” shared a five-star fan. “This set has different ‘weights’ so it’s great for beginners and you can work up to the heavier bands over time without having to buy more.”

$11 at Amazon


We know, it’s funny-looking. At first, you’re like, “What is this thing?” But then you take a gander at the video and it all makes perfect sense. It’s the Smart Weighted Fit Hoop by Dumoyi — basically, it’s a hula hoop with “training wheels” for those of us who have forgotten how to swivel our hips. According to TikTok, it’s a great workout and if you’re looking for ways to exercise indoors for the winter. 

“Amazing!” said one of over 9,000 five-star fans. “Super easy to assemble, and once you get in the groove, it’s so easy! I just throw on a show and do it for the length of the show. Instructions say to do it for at least 30 minutes. Of course, throughout you might have it slow down, but just wiggle your hips again to get it going!”

$22 at Amazon


If you’re thinking about getting a head start on your beach bod, we’re going to let you in on a secret for toned legs that also happens to be winter-friendly: ankle weights. Each weight features a soft fabric covering and buckle closure for easy adjustment. Choose from 2 to 10-pound weights.

“I recently started a fitness journey and wanted something to improve my ankle strength,” wrote one of over 11,000 fans. “I got these weights and they have been life-changing. They make my workout feel so much more efficient and I am feeling my legs/ankles growing stronger by the day. I specifically like the fact that you can decide how much to add. For someone like me who had never used any sort of weights before, it was good to start with one pound per leg. Now I am up to three per leg. Hoping to get to use the five of them at some point altogether.”

$29 at Amazon


Daily walks are an easy enough way to get moving if you don’t do gyms or classes, but with winter here, getting steps in with a mini trampoline/rebounder might be more appealing. Adding a little bounce to your workout is also easy on your joints while increasing cardio. This one has over 10,000 five-star ratings.

“I feel like a kid again when I’m on my rebounder,” shared a happy hopper. “It gives me a quick shot of energy in the morning and the afternoons when I’m tired. I don’t jump for too long or too high but it’s movement and it’s fun. I’ve been shopping on Amazon for years and this is one of the best things I’ve purchased.”

$60 at Amazon

Sunny Health & Fitness

From the confines of a small space, creating a great fitness routine for your home in the winter is difficult. But this tiny contraption can help you get in workouts that target, basically, your whole body. It’s a stepper that focuses on your glutes, calves and thighs, and works with the removable resistance bands that tone your arms. Essentially, you can tackle both cardio and strengthening exercises with one machine. More than 19,000 shoppers use it to sweat through the winter.

“Within the first 5 to 10 mins you will definitely start sweating!” gushed a five-star fan. “I keep myself entertained by listening to music, putting on a good show or throwing something interesting on YouTube to entertain me during my workout! This helps me get my steps in and since it’s winter it keeps me busy and not sitting on the sofa all day.”

$63 at Amazon


This portable bike is so, so cool. For starters, it’s compact. Just slip it under your desk, and you can start pedaling immediately. It even works under desks as low as 27 inches! It has a magnetic resistance mechanism for a quiet, smooth ride, so it won’t interrupt you while you work. It also has eight calibrated resistance settings, allowing you to go from an easy cruise to more challenging settings.

“After a few years of becoming a walking marshmallow in the cold winter months, I wanted some level of health, well-being, improved cardio, some pick-me-up in the mornings,” shared one of 10,000 thrilled shoppers. “The Desk Cycle 2 is an affordable way to keep fit during the cold, dark, windy afternoons and keep you indoors. Yes, you get a good workout, and yes you will feel solid improvement in your legs. Yes, this compact unit will challenge you, yes it is silent as a hummingbird’s daydream, and yes it has a huge range of tension so you can grow with it as your fitness does.”

$150 at Amazon

Sunny Health & Fitness

This top-selling rowing machine has 12 levels of smooth resistance and it’s super quiet, thanks to a hydraulic resistance system. That means if you like an early morning workout, you can hop on this rower without waking up the rest of your household.

“This thing is amazing. I have lost so much weight from using this. I went to see my doctor [and] she is very happy with my overall health,” wrote one of nearly 12,000 happy reviewers. “This is the best workout machine I have used and it’s fun to workout on. I use it for 45 minutes every day! My clothes are fitting better [and] OMG my arms are getting in shape.”

$100 at Amazon


Wish you could keep your blood pumping while you’re busy doing paperwork? Struggling with achy joints that are making you lose your motivation to even get off the couch? Well, guess what? It’s possible — in fact, it’s easy — to squeeze in a workout without even getting out of your seat. The Cubii Jr. 1 Under Desk Elliptical is a genius little machine. It lets you stick to your fitness goals while watching TV, answering emails or even rehabilitating from an injury. Set up this cool gadget anywhere you are stationary — under a desk, beneath a dining room table, and yes, even at the foot of your couch.

“I can pump this as fast as I want during calls and the client doesn’t have a clue!!!” wrote one of 12,000 rave reviewers. “I must admit I can’t type while using it. But I can pump between 3,000 and 7,000 steps a day! I can feel my heart pounding and in my legs and thighs. One call may be only 300 steps but I still can feel it. I bought another one for my basement to use while watching TV.”

$210 at Amazon


If you’ve always dreamed of having your own stationary bike, but balk at the idea of spending thousands on a celebrity-endorsed one (we’re looking at you, Peloton and SoulCycle), this option —with over 14,000 five-star reviews — is a fraction of the price of some luxury models.

“This bike is a winner!” wrote a rave reviewer. “The seat cushion is comfortable, very comfortable. … You won’t have any trouble sitting on this bike for a long time, believe me. But the real beauty of this bike is the way it rides. It’s smooth, it’s quiet and it’s got adjustable resistance levels. You can make it as easy or as challenging as you want.”

$270 at Amazon

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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