COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – To keep our four-legged friends happy and healthy, the queen of Aggieland is sharing her health lifestyle routine.

Reveille X has many responsibilities as the First Lady of Texas A&M and her new handler and Mascot Corporal Josh Brewton makes sure she is in the best shape she can be.

“She walks around campus, going to different events, sometimes multiple events in a day,” Brewton said. “So she gets a lot of exercise going across campus and even going across the state and nation to different events. She goes to the vet twice a year. She gets her teeth cleaned and gets those physicals and checkups that she needs.”

Brewton has only been responsible for Reveille for a few days but already understands the importance of taking care of her health

“Miss Reveille and her buddies alike they need their exercise and they need to stay on top of their health,” Brewton said. “Staying with them and making sure they’re doing their best is always going to be best for them.”


Brewton also says it is going to be a dream come true to run out with Reveille during the first home game of the 2024 Texas A&M Football season.

If you would like to book Reveille for an event you can email [email protected].

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