Salman Khan Fitness: Healthy Diet To Daily Workout, Here Is What Salman Khan Follows At 58
Salman Khan Fitness: Healthy Diet To Daily Workout, Here Is What Salman Follows At 56

Look at those abs! even at 58, Bollywood actor Salman Khan manages to look so fit. What is the secret behind such a sculpted body? Read on to know.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan turned 58 today. The actor has given his fans many super hits, and fans call him ‘Bhai Jaan’ of Bollywood. Apart from his acting skills, the actor is also a fitness idol for many. But, have you ever wondered how Salman Khan, Bollywood’s biggest superstar manages to stay fit in his 50s? If you are also a fitness enthusiast and inspired by Salman Khan’s dedication to staying fit and would like to know some secrets behind his sculpted body, then read on:

Here’s What Salman Khan Swears By When It Comes To Fitness

Salman Khan has always been a fitness inspiration and an idol. But, how does he manage to stay so fit even at the age of 56? Curious right? Let’s take a sneak peek into his workout routine and know what helps Bollywood’s Bhai Jaan so fit even in his 50s.

Maintain A Proper Routine

Salman Khan follows a proper daily routine. The actor says it is very important for a person to follow a healthy daily routine. A good amount of sleep, eating healthy and on time, not skipping meals, and most importantly, staying hydrated. Salman Khan says it is important for a person to schedule everything he/she wants to do in a day. The right time to eat, sleep, and work out is quintessential.

Workout Daily

Salman Khan never misses his gym. He is very particular about his workout routine. Even during his tight and busy shooting schedules, Salman Khan manages to squeeze in at least an hour or two of gymming every day. The 56-year-old actor loves outdoor cycling. Salman was the first Bollywood actor who set the trend for toned abs.

Follow A Good Diet

Your workout remains incomplete if you fail to eat properly after that. Actor Salman Khan swears by healthy foods. He believes, for an effective workout, it is important to prioritize and focus on what you eat too. In an interview, the actor revealed his diet. Here, take a look at what he eats in a day:

Breakfast: The actor loves working out in the morning if he has a free day. He eats egg whites and low-fat milk in the morning.

Lunch: For lunch, the actor keeps it simple. His lunch plate usually includes five chapatis, grilled vegetables, and fresh green salads. The actor says his main focus is always to keep the plate light and healthy.

Dinner: For dinner, Salman Khan prefers eating egg whites, with fish rich in Omega-3 or chicken with a serving of vegetable soup.

Happy Birthday, Salman Khan!

(Disclaimer: Do not make changes to your diet or workout routine without consulting your physician.)

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