Serena Williams is back on the grind mere weeks after giving birth to her second daughter with husband Alexis Ohanian, Adira River Ohanian, on August 22.

The former tennis pro, 42, shared a glimpse of her postpartum fitness journey with a photograph from the gym, where she lay on a yoga mat in her all-black workout gear.

However, hovering on top of her was her six-year-old, Olympia, who it seemed like was watching and encouraging her mom to push through her routine.

Serena Williams joined by daughter Olympia during her workout in a photo shared on Instagram© Instagram
Serena was joined by Olympia during her workout

Serena captioned the candid photo: “Olympia watching me try to get my ab muscles working again. Here comes fitness!” and fans found the illusion created by Olympia’s hair directly over her mom’s a tough one to look at just once.

Alexis commented: “Love this photo,” while a fan wrote: “I know I’m not the only one that was looking for Olympia?” and another said: “If you didn’t say it I would’ve thought that was your hair and a pillow underneath.”

A third also added: “Ha, cool angle! Two heads become one,” and a fourth gushed: “You got this Serena, the best coach Olympia is watching you.”

VIDEO: Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s baby no. two reveal

The decorated athlete has been less active than usual on social media since welcoming baby Adira, although made her way to her YouTube channel soon after to share a look inside her newborn’s nursery.

Based on the look she provided, the theme for the space seemed to be “red and regal,” as the entire room was furnished in velvet and gold accent pieces, a large crib with opulent draping, and, of course, a crown to top it all off.

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The pieces in the nursery were furnished by Dutch company By Selina, and in an Instagram post featuring the nursery reveal, Serena mentioned that she saw a baby bed in their store that “took my breath away” and served as the inspiration for the space.

She continued: “I wanted to see if I could get something just like it, but in my own colors of course. Not knowing the gender, I wanted to do a neutral color, but not gray or yellow or brown. 

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“I wanted something different. Red. They only had 6 weeks to make it… And they delivered! I literally had Adira the next day! Thanks for making my nursery room dream come true.”

Screenshot of a TikTok shared by Serena Williams announcing the birth of her second daughter, where she's posing with husband Alexis Ohanian, her first born Olympia, and their new baby girl© TikTok
Serena and Alexis with Olympia and baby Adira

In the video, Serena welcomed fans into the space while it was still being prepped, getting her own hands as dirty as she could while still heavily pregnant, although rocked a Gucci patterned two-piece for her maternity wear.

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Meanwhile, Olympia, as sprightly as ever, kept bobbing in and out of the video, and at one point, when Serena entered her older daughter’s room to use it as an example, Olympia kicked her out.

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Baby Adira’s regal new nursery

“Am I not supposed to be in your room?” she asked her six-year-old, who defiantly responded: “No!” Serena joked to the camera: “I’ve been kicked out of better places.”

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