Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a true fitness diva. The actress continues to inspire her fans to try new forms of exercise to stay in shape. The actress recently took to Instagram to share her core training workout.

She wrote, how empowered women empower other women, referring to her trainer Tashmeen Chauhan who kept encouraging Shetty to complete the core workout. Chauhan stood behind Shetty as a rock.

SHetty captioned the video, ” ‘Strong women make strong women!’ Levelling up ⬆ my core training game at my 2nd session of the upgraded core work and I feel I am actually getting the HANG of it Practice Practice Practice till you master it! The goal is to gradually be able to take my legs higher and control the movement on the way down.

A snippet of the Hanging Leg Raise & Knee Tuck combo of which I executed 3 sets and reps till failure.”

Check out the video:

Shetty explained how she was elevating her basic training routine during her second session of advanced basic exercises. She also explained how constant practice is key, which leads to mastery! The goal is to progressively improve leg elevation and improve control of the downward movement.

She further added a pro tip, “Extend the legs fully every time you come down. That full stretch in the abdominals at the bottom is the key. Great core workout!”

Apart from her gym workout, Shetty keeps sharing her yoga workout sessions too.

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Which workout is your favourite?

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