All 16 of the leggings on this list were personally tested and selected by PureWow editors. As someone who’s tried a million different workouts because I get bored easily, I’ve collected hundreds of leggings over the years (yes, hundreds) and I easily get the ick from things like slim waistbands or too many seams. I’ve deemed myself a leggings connoisseur for these reasons. Our editors look for qualities like moisture-wicking capabilities and breathability when it comes to functionality and quality, while simultaneously judging the comfort by how stretchy and soft the fabric is. We’ve also tested these leggings during a myriad of workouts, from yoga, barre and Pilates to strength training, running and more, so we can assure you that our picks align with the workouts they’re meant for (and the occasional lounging). We also like to take into consideration how well they fit on different body types, the thickness of the waistband, how well they stay up during workouts, seam construction, pilling tendencies after many wears and, of course, the overall aesthetic of the leggings. And trust us, our editors are picky, so after our meticulous testing, our scores reflect our honest opinion.

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