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The 20 Best Back Workout Moves For WomenHearst Owned

I know I should never skip leg day, and I don’t. My abs workout is basically on auto-pilot and so are my arm exercises. However, back workouts often fall on the back burner. You too? Your back is out of sight and out of mind all too often. But, a back workout includes some of the biggest muscles in your bod and deserves all the love you give areas like the glutes or core.

Here’s why: Your back muscles have important jobs to perform. One group helps you lift heavy loads like groceries, kids, and weights. The other group is responsible for posture and holding you up. These are typically undertrained yet primed for results, according to certified athletic trainer Vanessa Abrams, a human-anatomy lecturer at Howard University. “Back muscles are more resistant to fatigue than others,” she says. “While maxing out may be difficult, high reps and sets are especially beneficial.” Noted.

Meet the Experts: Vanessa Abrams is a certified athletic trainer and human-anatomy lecturer at Howard University. Colleen Conlon is a certified personal trainer with experience as an instructor at Equinox, a Studio Manager at Crunch, and a fitness producer at DailyBurn.

Teaching your back how to lift will not only help you build muscular endurance, reducing pesky aches, and helping sculpt your bod, according to Colleen Conlon, CPT. Doing back exercises regularly will also improve your posture (hi, folks who sit a lot during the day, myself included). “If you’re going to be stationary, you need to strengthen your back so you’re not rounded,” says Conlon.

Good news: Targeting your spine-supporting muscles “can help decrease pain associated with large breasts, repetitive lifting, or prolonged periods spent sitting or even with shoulders retracted while accomplishing a DIY protective hairstyle, like braids,” Abrams says. Start with the back workout below to get in on these gains.

20 Best Back Workout Moves For Women

Time: 15 minutes | Equipment: free weights (10 pounds or less) | Good for: Back

Instructions: Choose five moves below and perform the suggested number of reps for each, then continue immediately to the next; at the end, rest for up to two minutes. That’s one set. Repeat the entire routine once or twice more. You’ll know you’ve hit your strength sweet spot if the last couple of reps leave you thinking, whew! Don’t feel that fatigue? Take it up a notch next time. Ready, set, sweat.

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