We all have those days when stretching out and going to the gym feels like the hardest thing in the world. Even if you sign up for the membership, motivating yourself to actually go is the tougher task. And then, we are bombarded with celebrities flaunting their toned abs and defined waistline on Instagram, looking just perfect!
Well, what if we told you, there is another lady who can leave you stunned with her workout moves at the gym?
What’s more, you ask? She is 72 years old!


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Motivational speaker and social media influencer Jay Shetty recently shared a video of a 72-year-old lady working out with heavy weights in the gym and trust us when we say this, you will be impressed.

We haven’t come across a 72-year-old who is as fit as her! Watch this video to gain some instant workout motivation!

How old do you feel now?

In just over 12 hours of being released, the video has already crossed 1.2 million views and thousands of likes and comments!

The 72-year-old Lauren Bruzzone, who is a professor likes to spend time in the gym working out in her “free time”. She started her gym sessions with a simple pull-up exercise but now, the sky’s the limit for her. In the video, she can be seen working out weighted planks, Bosu ball push-ups, bench press, and extreme planks!

If you look at the video closely, you can also spot those good-looking muscles!

Needless to say, she inspired a whole crowd of people. People left inspiring comments, asking the lady to dish out her workout secrets!
Super inspiring and should not exercise a beginner in the gym tries unless they want to break their teeth

“She looks still strong and young great amazing mom😊😊”

“I want to work out with her! She’s amazing”

” I run for 5 min and I can’t feel my legs 😭”

“If she’s doing this at her current age imagine what she could do when she was younger.”

“She is such an inspirational lady & great motivation to keep pushing!! 💪🏼 #ourbodyisamachine”

“I hope I can do what she is doing if I get to her age”

Well, this 72-year-old has not just given us some incredibly motivating fitness goals, she has also proved what people have been saying for long. Age is just a number!

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