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It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to apply.


On Sunday mornings, my best friend, my twin sister and I convene via FaceTime for a kettlebell workout. Aside from the endorphins and catching up in general, there’s joy in donning sleek athleisure sets and swapping recommendations on what to buy — both in the realm of fashion and, due to the nature of my job, beauty products. Twice now, my workout buddies have complimented my skin — a notable triumph given the virtual, often glitchy nature of our sessions. The common thread? Chanel’s Vitalumière Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Foundation, which has since topped each of my friends’ beauty shopping lists.

I rarely dub beauty products “perfect” — discernment is a duty of my job — though I must say: the Chanel skin tint is pretty damn close.

Buy It: Chanel Vitalumière Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Foundation , $55, chanel.com

The Chanel Vitalumière Foundation is a notably lightweight, tinted complexion product with a luminous, skin-like finish. Infused with hyaluronic acid, I’d liken it to a tinted moisturizer more than a foundation, though it is buildable enough to impart medium coverage as needed. Bonus: The formula contains SPF 15.

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Key Features

How I tested: I’ve worn this product during workouts and in the sweltering, sardine-like environment of the NYC subway; I’ve slapped it on — mirrorless — in the back of cabs when I’m running late for work with surprising success. Moreover, it’s astonishingly flattering under my notoriously unflattering fluorescent office lights; while I typically appear haggard around midday, I can officially report — after literally returning from the office bathroom moments ago — that my skin still looks glowy and even-toned.

I’ve applied the product in numerous manners, including just using my fingers, a Beautyblender, and a dense foundation brush, and it’s easy to apply no matter your application preference.

Perfect for: Light to medium coverage days, and anyone who’s generally fond of understated, healthy-looking skin. The product is great for sunny spring and summer days: It doesn’t slide off in the presence of sweat, appears natural and skinlike, even in harsh sunlight, and contains SPF 15. Though I always apply SPF underneath, the formula is perfect for anyone who tends to forget (or eschews) protection, since there’s at least a little bit built in.

What you’ll love: The formula looks, feels, and wears like your own skin — but better — and imparts a subtle glow that, in my experience, garners compliments. Plus, Chanel’s luxurious packaging and the product’s sensorial application experience is a treat.

Keep in mind: The formula does feature a light, delicate fragrance, which adds to the sensorial experience, but may not be ideal for people who prefer fragrance-free face products. Notably, one shopper who has sensitive skin says it’s “the first product that doesnt make my face itch.”

Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid for hydration, and broad spectrum SPF 15 for protection against skin-aging UV rays.

Chanel Vitalumière review

Toeing the line of tinted moisturizer and stopping just short of foundation, this ultra-lightweight makeup is ideal for anyone who is fond of natural-looking coverage and a your-skin-but-better finish.

One to two drops suffice for full-face coverage with lasting wear. A testament to its staying power: I applied Chanel’s Vitalumière yesterday morning, and my partner commented on my “glowy” skin later that day, around 6 p.m., when we were on a walk. Incidentally, this formula fares beautifully in the blinding daylight: Whereas some complexion products wear with an unflatteringly makeup-like look outside, this one suggests you’re naturally blessed with radiant, hydrated, even-toned skin.

The formula features hyaluronic acid, a humectant beloved by dermatologists. As always, I’d recommend prepping skin with a moisturizer; for days when you simply have zero time, however, it actually quenches well enough on its own. On that note, the formula also contains SPF 15, which, in a scramble, at least provides a bit of protection against damaging UV rays.

The formula, dispensed in drop form via a simple squeeze, applies like water and dries like silk. It layers beautifully, sans pilling, with any skincare I’ve piled on underneath — which, FWIW is quite a few.

I’d be remiss not to mention the sensorial experience the Chanel Vitalumière tint delivers, which makes this a little $55 luxury I look forward to using. Its beautiful, sleek packaging is a small indulgence on hectic mornings, and the lightly scented formula is fantastically fresh — as is my skin, which maintains a healthy, hydrated glow for the entire day. Shop Chanel’s Vitalumière Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Foundation for a $55 skin tint that’s as close to perfect as any I’ve ever tried.

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