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Bodybuilder and fitness influencer Will Tennyson has worked out with some of the fittest, strongest athletes in the world, including CrossFit star Noah Olsen, fighter and powerlifter Stefi Cohen, and champion strongman Charles Mitchell III. In a new video on his YouTube channel, Tennyson takes on the training routine of arm wrestling legend Michael “The Monster” Todd, traveling to Todd’s “arm wrestling Mecca” to learn as much as he can about what it takes to become a professional arm wrestler—before taking part in his very own match.

After suitably fueling up, Todd guides Tennyson through his “brutal” blood flow restriction arm and wrist-focused circuit workout, saying: “No-one has ever completed my maintenance weight the first time they’ve ever tried it.”

The routine starts with bicep curls on a “monster curl bar,” which is designed with handles that only allow you to lift the amount of weight that you can keep gripped in your hand. The circuit then continues with increasingly grueling forward wrist rolls, battle ropes, dips, cable pulldowns, cable flys, and pushups. Tennyson ends up with an impressive arm pump, but he is also visibly exhausted.

However, Todd saves the best for last. “This is the most difficult curl you’ll do today,” he says, coaching Tennyson through a cable variation that he has dubbed the “monster cock curl.” Tennyson ends up completing the workout in 24 minutes (Todd’s best time, for reference, is 9:30) and then Todd puts him through a seres of drills to instil him with the right arm wrestling technique.

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After a few hours’ recovery, Tennyson is as ready as he’ll ever be to face off against Trey Suit, the number one arm wrestler in the state, in a “best out of three” tournament. Perhaps predictably, Suit wins all three, but Todd praises Tennyson for putting in a “valiant effort.”

“Damn, this guy is strong as fuck!” says Tennyon. “I’m smoked, man.”

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