BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Tristan Tate, a kickboxer-turned-social media influencer, consistently takes the lead in endorsing fitness and commending the remarkable physical changes of celebrities he truly admires.


In a recent post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Tristan Tate openly praised MrBeast as the prominent YouTuber commemorated his first year of his fitness expedition.

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Tristan Tate extends support to fans who is a cancer patient (tatethetalisman/Twitter)
Tristan Tate extends support and admiration toward MrBeast(tatethetalisman/Twitter)


Tate has consistently expressed his views about fitness and its significance.

Previously, he directly addressed critics who accused him of relying on steroids to achieve his muscular body, highlighting his commitment to natural progress.

Tristan Tate lauds MrBeast’s fitness journey

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Tate promptly seized the opportunity on the social media platform ‘X’ (formerly referred to as Twitter) when MrBeast posted an image to mark his year-long journey in lifting.


Tristan Tate admires MrBeast fitness transformation (tatethetalisman/Twitter)

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MrBeast shared a snapshot showcasing his well-defined biceps, along with the caption affirming that he had been engaged in lifting for slightly over a year.


Keeping himself well-informed about this significant update, Tate actively participated in this fitness-oriented occasion by expressing his thoughts, remarking that such progress is not only personally commendable but also holds positive implications for the broader world.


Tristan Tate wrote, “This is good for the world.”


Tristan Tate’s fans label MrBeast as ‘G’

Upon MrBeast’s sharing of this remarkable snapshot, Tate stood among the initial individuals to extend his commendation.

Tate’s response to MrBeast’s snapshot garnered significant attention, prompting numerous users to join the conversation and share their perspectives.

One user wrote, “You guys needa collab.” Another user wrote, “So is the rich giving to the poor but they still take every penny from a broke person to feed their wealth lol.” 


A user stated, “One person finally not being obese is good for the world? Mr beast lost some much needed weight for health. What’s good about for that for the world? How does that help the poor? Or the unhealthy? Your are such a freaking joke. Ugh. When is it your time.”


A user commented, “Mr Beast is a G now 😎Also crazy transformation.”





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