Today marks an innovative product launch for Therabody’s refreshed Theragun, complete with a broadcast campaign titled, ‘The Workout Called Life.’ This series of spots highlights the new and improved Theragun and its ability to provide relief for the everyday user.

Forsman & Bodenfors’ goal with their strategy and creative was to reframe and showcase the concept of what a ‘workout’ really means. The message encourages consideration for Theragun as a valuable tool and solution to a wide range of consumers’ pain points.

At the core of this evolution is the next generation of Theragun devices – three pivotal product introductions: Theragun PRO Plus, Theragun Sense and Theragun Relief.

“Since the first Theragun, we’ve worked nonstop to deliver our proven science quietly and incorporate LED therapy,” said Therabody founder and chief wellness officer, Dr. Jason Wersland. “My vision has always been to get Theragun into as many people’s hands as possible – to help as many people as we can. This new generation of devices takes us one-step closer to that as these innovations make the Theragun more accessible and effective than ever before.” 

“We’ve always been at the forefront of innovation in recovery,” said Therabody CEO, Monty Sharma. “This evolution is about our best-in-class, cutting-edge, most powerful Theragun device ever for quicker recovery and better performance, but at the same time, it’s about expanding our reach to people with a range of daily lifestyles from parents to delivery drivers and nurses, making the promise of relief and recovery more accessible than ever before.” 

In order to reach these new audiences with both the new products and their specific benefits, the brand is also launching a new marketing campaign, ‘The Workout Called Life.’ Featuring six distinct characters that include a grandfather, office workers, parents, frontline workers and more, the campaign reframes the idea of a workout and emphasises the unique role of recovery in every individual’s life. Each narrative delves into the hero’s unique daily challenges and showcases how Theragun devices can be their essential daily recovery ally to aid them in enjoying life to the fullest. 

“Every individual, no matter their background or daily routine, faces challenges. With ‘The Workout Called Life’, we’re underscoring the universal need for recovery and how our expanded product range can be a game-changer,” remarked John Solomon, Therabody’s chief marketing officer. 

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