Parents have been left speechless after a mum accidentally captured the moment her baby bump dropped on camera – as she was recording herself completing her gym routine


Pregnant TikToker feels baby fall down in belly while at the gym

This mum knew it was time to hang up her dumbbells when she captured the exact moment her bump dropped while working out.

At 38 weeks pregnant, many expecting mothers wouldn’t be hitting the weights, but one self-confessed “gym junkie” didn’t let being pregnant stop her from going to the gym.

However, mum Jamie was stopped in her tracks when she saw what happened to her baby bump, and left people stunned as she caught the amazing moment on camera while recording herself doing a kettlebell workout in the gym.

The incredible moment was shared on TikTok by @weirdjaime in 2023. She couldn’t believe she saw it ‘drop’ and then cradled her bump on the floor in surprise as she admitted she nearly “peed herself”.

The mum was mid-workout when her bump ‘dropped’(TikTok/@weirdjaime)

According to the NHS website, this downward movement, which can happen when the baby’s head moves down into the mum’s pelvis, occurs during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Given this timespan, it is difficult to predict and generally mums won’t know when it will happen.

Yet, in a lucky twist, Jaime’s camera was set up perfectly to record the moment. Although that didn’t mean she was any less surprised than other mums. She wrote that she ‘nearly peed’ herself after the baby dropped down midway through a workout set when explaining the video in her caption.

Her shock is also visible in the clip, in which she crouches on the floor and cradles her bump. Equally impressed were viewers, who awarded the video over 500,000 likes. Since sharing the clip with her followers, Jamie has welcomed a beautiful baby boy.

She was performing a kettlebell workout (TikTok/@weirdjaime)
moment-her-baby-bump-dropped.jpg” width=”615″ height=”855″ alt=”Mum opens mouth wide in shock as she looks at camera positioned to capture her in gym performing kettlebell workout ” title=”And happened to be recording at the time” layout=”responsive”/>
And happened to be recording at the time(TikTok/@weirdjaime)

“That was really cool to see! You normally never catch them dropping lol,” read one reply. “That’s so cool to see! Also, you’re kinda amazing,” said another. A third agreed: “The magic of a female body. Good on you for keeping on with staying healthy, it’ll hopefully make labour easier!”

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