A chest and triceps workout worth its salt will hit your pectoral muscles, anterior deltoids (the fronts of your shoulders), triceps and core muscles hard.

This upper-body workout uses five moves to torch these muscle groups and strengthen the upper body alongside your usual strength programs or classes. You can scale it to a time cap that suits you and, best of all, you can modify it to your personal experience level. 

We love using barbells for upper-body strength workouts, but you only need one pair of the best adjustable dumbbells to get it done. Bookmark this one for later.

Man performing a push-up during workout with dumbbells next to him

(Image credit: Shutterstock/ Max Kegfire)

Before we start, remember, building strength and developing muscle definition requires a consistent and balanced diet, ample protein intake, a regular and progressive exercise routine and factors like sleep and stress management (you know, that ‘thing’ called recovery). 

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